Video junkies use Vuze

The video BitTorrent app Vuze gets an update; we glance at Portable Apps like Firefox Portable.

If you're a video junkie, or if you're headed that way, Vuze is one application you shouldn't miss. Once known as Azureus, Vuze is a free BitTorrent app that can download and play back video content, including HD. Version 4.3, the latest update, adds speed enhancements and compatibility to play back HD video on your Windows or Mac computer, iPhone or iPod, Apple TV, Tivo, and Xbox 360, PS3, or PSP.

There's also a portable version of Vuze that you can install on a USB drive, iPod, iPhone, or portable hard drive and take with you. If you tend to switch computers often, portable apps like this one help you get favorite apps up and running quickly, and can help save your work between sessions.

In fact, we've got a slew of portable apps available to download for free from CNET, including Firefox Portable (it'll save your settings and bookmarks) and GIMP Portable, a to-go version of the powerful photo editor. There's even a free Portable Apps suite for those who want one of everything.

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