Dictionary.com now available on BlackBerry

This free dictionary and thesaurus app is much like the iPhone version, but with a couple of BlackBerry-only extras.

Dictionary.com app on BlackBerry Bold (Credit: BlackBerry)

Thanks to Dictionary.com, I won a contest this weekend. The challenge: who could find synonyms for a word fastest (it was "fancy," as in "stop being so fancy about everything.") I had Dictionary.com loaded on an iPhone; my colleague, the BlackBerry Storm browser. Had he had the free Dictionary.com for BlackBerry, my challenger might have beaten me to the word bank.

At 250KB, Dictionary.com 1.0 is almost identical to the iPhone version. It, too, packs in a dictionary, a thesaurus, a list of recent search terms, and the opportunity to sign up for the Word A Day service in English and Spanish.

However, this build isn't without its few BlackBerry-only touches. The best one is a context menu option that launches a search for the definition or synonym of a word that you've highlighted in your e-mail--that's an incoming message or an e-mail you're in the process of composing. You can similarly e-mail or text a definition from the app.

Dictionary.com is available now for free in BlackBerry App World. Version 1.0 weighs in at 250KB and is compatible with the BlackBerry Bold, Tour, Curve, and 8800 series, and the Pearl.

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