A 'Personal Assistant' for Google Android

The freemium application known as Personal Assistant brings summaries of your social networking, travel, and financial life to your Google Android phone.

Pageonce on Android (Credit: Pageonce)

The productivity app known for bringing summaries of your social and financial life has now come to the Android Market.

Pageonce's Personal Assistant, made available Wednesday, provides account balances, status updates, and other real-time information from online accounts as varied as your stock portfolio, eBay bids, and cell phone minutes. The information is read-only, which makes some functions, like viewing your bank and credit card balances, more immediately useful than others, like watching your Twitter feed.

Sure, signing up for this productivity app does require you to put your trust in Pageonce's security--256-bit data encryption, 128-bit data encrypted SSL systems, and insurance by an A+ rated insurance carrier. If you do, the app proves an easy way to monitor your bills and social life from a centralized location.

Personal Assistant, which has already been present on iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones, comes in two flavors: free and premium. The free version stingily supports only five accounts, its biggest limitation. For $10 (OK, for $9.99), you can check them all. See the comparison chart below for other differences between the two apps.

Personal Assistant: Free versus premium (Credit: Pageonce)
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