Add cool audio clips to podcasts

Have you ever wished you could build your own custom soundboard to include cool audio clips on a blog or podcast? A new program from Ambrosia Software is the perfect program for the job.

Certainly most people have heard radio shows that include push button sound effects and music. Popular morning shows often have audio clips thrown in to add excitement and humor to the broadcast. There are several soundboards online that usually revolve around a specific theme or pop culture character (my personal favorite). However, building a custom soundboard for use in your own broadcast takes more technical savvy then most computer users have.

Fortunately, the folks over at Ambrosia Software just released Soundboard. With this program you can create custom soundboards with any audio or music clips you want, and the whole thing comes wrapped in an easy-to-use interface. If you want to add cool sound effects and music to your blog or podcast with the press of a button, you should definitely check out this software.

Also this week we have the latest version of Cocktail (Leopard), the handy utility that lets you tweak several interface and system settings easily. Our game this week is Midnight Mansion, the family-friendly spooky platformer that's fun and challenging for both beginning and experienced gamers.

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