Easily add items to iCal to-do lists

This week I found a free program that makes adding To-Do items to iCal both painless and efficient.

Sometimes finding a simple piece of software makes all the difference in your everyday work flow. Many people rely on to-do lists to get things done. iCal is the natural choice to enter your to-dos, as it'll send you reminders even when you're busy on other projects. But sometimes a new list item comes up while you're feverishly working on something else, and the new item won't make your list simply because it's too much effort in the midst of other work.

This week, I found FlexCal, a free program that makes adding items to iCal a piece of cake. Simply hit a hot key, and a window pops up to enter an item. Hit the hot key again to automatically add the event to iCal, and that's it--your new to-do list item is squared away so you can continue working.

Also this week, we have the latest patch for Adium, the chat client that lets you connect with friends and family on any chat service. Our game this week is GL Golf, a fun golf game that includes 432 holes across several courses in the full version.

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