When Spotlight isn't enough

When you need to search for a specific file, but can't remember the name, you need a file search tool that drills down to specific criteria. HoudaSpot is the search tool you use when Spotlight is less than illuminating.

When you want to search your hard drive, Apple's Spotlight is a valuable tool, but it doesn't do everything. Sometimes you don't know the exact name of the file your looking for and you end up searching through countless folders in the hope that you'll stumble across it.

HoudahSpot lets you search for files based on unique criteria like specific keywords, when the file was last modified, or even the type of content in the file. Using drop-down menus, you can include as many specifics as you want, and HoudahSpot will display likely matches right in the interface.

Also this week, we have the latest version of Transmission, one of the most popular bit torrent clients for Mac. Our game this week is Braid, the hit 2D platform game in which you are required to manipulate time to solve puzzles.

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