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Intro for DL Mac 5/19/2009.

Anyone who uses a chat client frequently knows what it's like when one of your friends is on a different service. You can download the client to match what they use, but that means you'll need to have at least two chat clients running at all times. If someone else comes along that uses a third service, that's when it really starts to get confusing.

Instead of filling up your Dock with chat clients, why not just download Adium? This multiservice chat client lets you register for new services and chat with all of your friends from the same program. The latest update fixes Facebook compatibility issues and other minor bugs.

Also this week we have the latest update to Path Finder, the alternative way to manage and browse files efficiently on your Mac. Our game this week is Vendetta Online, the massive multiplayer game in which you captain your own spaceship and explore the galaxy.

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