Installing Internet Explorer 8

We install IE 8, Microsoft's latest beast of a browser, and offer up our first impressions of the installation process and some key features--including a few warnings you should heed before downloading the update at work or home.

Installing Internet Explorer 8--photos

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Internet Explorer 8 is now ready to download. We installed the final build of Microsoft's latest browser, and captured the (looong) download process and our first impressions of some of the featured highlights in pictures.

If that's not enough (it never is,) CNET's Ina Fried has the full story of Microsoft's launch of IE 8 at Redmond's MIX 09 conference, and some details about a version of the browser for Windows 7. Also stay tuned to for our forthcoming video review and an in-depth look at the features and faults we find with Internet Explorer's latest iteration--and how IE compares with browsers Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.

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