Gobble up Thanksgiving screensavers

Thanksgiving represents a cornucopia of traditional activities and fare. Get in the fall holiday spirit with a collection of seven screensavers designed for the season.

American Thanksgiving represents a cornucopia of traditional activities and fare, all centered around the celebration of giving thanks for our bountiful resources. Turkeys, falling leaves, pumpkin pie, NFL football, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and crazy Uncle Joe are all a part of the seasonal festivities. Get in the fall holiday spirit with a collection of seven screensavers designed for the Thanksgiving season.

Turkey Thanksgiving screensaver

What could be cuter than turkeys dressed up like Pilgrims and Native Americans? Well, how about turkeys dressed up like Pilgrims and Native Americans who are celebrating the first Thanksgiving? The first turkey Pilgrims set the table and bring the cranberry sauce, the Native Americans supply maize and bread, and the last Pilgrim group completes the feast with muffins and mashed potatoes.

Thanksgiving 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software's Harvest Time Farms is a place that exemplifies the many themes and traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. At this imaginary, animated farm, plump turkeys waddle around the barn, a collection of fall vegetables and fruits sits in a wheelbarrow, and the entire rural scene resonates with the spirit of the season.

Autumn Treasures screensaver

Thanksgiving dinner is dominated by the fruits of the fall harvest, and this free screensaver pays homage to those delicious treats with a slide show of images embellished with Thanksgiving messages. Images include turkey dinner, pumpkin pie, a bowl full of apples, and a bouquet of fall roses.

Thanksgiving Forest screensaver

Summer gives way to fall quickly, as this animated free screensaver can attest. In a cartoon autumn scene, trees turn red and orange, a flock of turkeys pecks around the forest for food, and a trio of cute, little squirrels assemble en masse on a fence, as if to provide us with a Thanksgiving serenade.

Falling Leaves screensaver

There are many ways to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and this free screensaver takes a polished, artful approach. As yellow, orange, and red leaves falling from above onto the white screen, the message "Happy Thanksgiving" appears in a variety of fonts and styles.

Turkey Protest screensaver

In this wacky free screensaver, a bevy of cartoon turkeys stages an impromptu protest against eating turkey on Thanksgiving. With their slanted Pilgram hats and funny protest signs with phrases like "Vegans Rule," "Eat Crow," and "Beef! It's What's For Thanksgiving," these fine-feathered friends are likely to charm.

The Dallas Cowboys ScreenServer

The Dallas Cowboys (formerly the Texans) have been playing football on Thanksgiving day for more than 50 years. You might think there's a typo in the title of this desktop app, but you'd be wrong. The "ScreenServer" provides news, events, statistics, trivia, player and cheerleader photos, and video features. If you're a fan of "America's Team," check it out.

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