New AIM 6.8 for Windows gets a mobile slant

AOL releases Version 6.8 of its instant messaging client for Windows, which adds two notable features.

Updated at 11:30 am PT.

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On Tuesday, AOL released AIM 6.8 for Windows. The version update of the chat client, which AOL is calling a "refresh," adds a mobile slant. One of the new features lets you share photos with buddies on the T-Mobile network (U.S. only) when you drag or import a photo into the instant messaging window. Friends can save the image or respond with a photo of their own, which will pop up in your IM window.

Two integrated plug-ins for AIM Chat and AOL Mail are also new additions. Clicking on the talk bubble at the bottom of the interface gains you entry to a chat room. To preview new e-mail messages, you'll click the envelope button that also resides below your buddy list. You can also open your in-box from there to manage e-mail, and can add more AIM plug-ins from the AIM Gallery.

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