TwitterBerry 0.7 Beta 4 brings refreshing additions

Orangatame's latest beta version of the popular Twitter application for BlackBerry introduces a few small, but significant improvements.

TwitterBerry, a popular third-party Twitter application for BlackBerry, has just received an infusion of small, but significant changes that make the application much smoother to work with.

TwitterBerry 0.7 Beta 4 (Credit: CrackBerry)

With version 0.7 Beta 4, you can set your friends' timeline to auto-update, a big time saver. You'll also no longer have to leave a timeline to reload it; this new beta lets you refresh the page from the BlackBerry context menu.

TwitterBerry has also grown deeper, now caching up to 200 tweets across the friends timeline, replies timeline, and direct messages. Improvements on the back end give TwitterBerry a boost of speed by now loading only the newest tweets to come in since your last request, instead of reloading them all.

TwitterBerry 0.7 Beta 4 has also gained support for TwitPic, a separate photo-uploading tool, and for polling.

To try it out for yourself, point your BlackBerry browser (RIM Operating System 4.10 and later) to Then let us know what you think.

[Via Crackberry]

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