First Look video: Cooliris for Firefox (Mac)

Formerly known as PicLens, Cooliris lets you view searched images and movies in full screen using a 3D wall. Once you get started and see how easy and cool this add-on is, you'll agree this is a must-have for any Firefox user.

Cooliris makes image browsing fun

Cooliris for Firefox (formerly PicLens) is an add-on for Firefox that makes viewing images much more elegant and fun. Once installed, you can simply perform a search for images at a Cooliris-enabled site--like Google, Flikr, or Amazon--to bring up a full-screen 3D wall of results. Grab the bar at the bottom to watch your wall of results scroll by smoothly on your screen. When you find an image or movie you like, click on it to get a larger view. Cooliris also lets you search from within the interface by category or by site with its Discovery tools.

For more info about Cooliris for Firefox, check out this First Look video.

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