CNET TV: Top 5 worst downloads of summer 2008

Getting software for free doesn't necessarily mean that it's good software. The latest list of awful downloads from Tom Merritt proves it.

CNET Top 5: Worst downloads of the summer 2008

Every few months, we like to playfully poke fun at some of the less successful software on the site. While there are countless great products created (and covered in this blog, hopefully) every week, these five software applications are not included in that group. These programs are the other sort of download software--the head-scratching variety.

We love you, software publishers, we really do. Some of your products...are another story.

Watch CNET TV's Tom Merritt count down this summer's list of the worst software on, and see if you don't find yourself wondering, "What were they thinking?"

CNET Top 5
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