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Like a finely tuned laser, FreeRip 3 does one task and it does it well: to accurately extract songs from your CDs. You remember CDs, right?

Like a finely tuned laser, FreeRip 3 does one task: extracts songs from your CDs. You remember CDs, right? (Heck, I barely do.) Fortunately, FreeRip accomplishes its goal accurately--with little flair or window-dressing--and makes for an easy-to-use audio-track ripper.

The latest version of the program features some long overdue enhancements. Chief among them is the inclusion of the WMA format, and it's hard to believe it wasn't included before. FreeRip also supports WAV, MP3, Vorbis, and FLAC. Other features include multitrack ripping and an option to use the program as an audio-file converter. The options menu is extensive and will appeal to any advanced user, since it makes most manners of customization a cinch.

The interface is well done, with big icons and a friendly main window split into two sections. The left pane lists the tracks, and the right gives you specific info on each song and has a tab to switch to CD-wide info. The toolbar has icons for all the major functions of the app as well as links to the publisher's community pages. In the end, FreeRip doesn't do anything its competitors don't, but it functions well, is uncomplicated and quick, and has no price tag.

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