Facebook caught red-handed?

Links from Monday's episode of Loaded:

Facebook is apparently caught sharing user names and user friend names with advertisers and tracking companies, in violation of its own terms of service

Yahoo is said to be launching Y Connect, a universal log-in system much like Facebook Connect

YouTube Leanback becomes a part of Google TV

Sony's Google TV sets are hitting stores early

The Nintendo Wii no longer requires a disc to stream Netflix

The FCC moves to open up the cable box and DVR market

Mike Tyson returns to an iPhone version of Punch Out

YouTube for the boob tube

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

YouTube launches a beta version of YouTube Leanback to bring the video service to your television and revamps its mobile site for easier touchscreen navigationMotorola announces the Motorola CHARM, a new Android phone for T-MobileSprint announces the Samsung Intercept, its latest Android offeringAmazon launches an online grocery store in the UKTime Magazine will stop publishing its magazine articles for free online until they are two weeks oldA new study shows that students do suffer from attention span problems after consistent exposure to television and video games