Review: Younity bridges gaps between device storage, cloud computing, & social

Younity is a combination of file sharing, social sharing, and cloud storage that works on many levels, though with some reservations due to the setup requirements. While it doesn't offer centralized storage like a cloud tool, it facilitates active, real-time transfer of files between devices running the Younity app to give you universal access to those files, and the results are mostly good.

For Younity to be useful, it needs to be first installed on every device on which you want to share files, including desktop computers. This will take a few minutes to do, and if you want … Read more

Future of Facebook voting up for vote

Tuesday's CNET Update doubts the vote will be rocked:

Facebook doesn't want policy changes to be put up for a vote anymore. But first, it's letting users have one last chance to make their voice heard on the matter. Facebook lets users vote on policy changes, but the votes only count if 30 percent of all active users participate. Problem is, there has never been enough voter turnout for it to matter. So Facebook now is proposing to end the voting option and also make changes to messages. Users can vote on the Facebook Site Governance app, … Read more

Startup cloud app Younity aims to take on iCloud

Software startup Entangled Media today released a new app, Younity, that lets iPhone users access all their files from any device without storing files in the cloud. It's like iCloud, which syncs all your Apple devices so you can access the files from any device, but without the syncing or the cloud.

Younity allows devices to communicate with other devices -- both desktop and mobile -- to access files and stream music or videos.

"What we provide is glue," said Entangle Media CEO Erick Caso.

That would be the virtual glue that sticks all your devices together. … Read more