How to use Yipit on your iPhone

Just in time for Black Friday and the holiday-shopping season to follow, Yipit has released an iOS app that aggregates offers from Groupon, Living Social, and over 800 other daily deals sites. Like most daily deals sites, the Yipit app works best if you live in a major metro area. The app is free, however, and lets you select categories so that you get a manageable list of deals to sift through.

After you launch the app, it'll ask you to allow it to know your location. If you allow it, you won't have to then select your city (or the nearest large city) from the list. In my case, I'm located in Concord, NH, and the closest city to me that Yipit listed was Boston. (One reason I signed up for Living Social is that it has a Southern New Hampshire category, which will occasionally surface a deal in my town or the surrounding area.)… Read more

Groupon model still faces obstacles to success

Now that we have gotten the Groupon IPO out of the way, the debate over the health of the daily-deals sector rages on.

In fact, the novelty of being one of the fastest growing Web juggernauts ever began fading before last week's IPO. One early warning sign: the Chicago-based company's core business, which it pioneered just three years ago--prepaid local daily deals--dipped 3 percent during the third quarter, Yipit, a deals aggregator and industry tracking firm, reported prior to Groupon's IPO.

What's more, according to Yipit's research, Groupon's gross billings per subscriber are … Read more

Groupon revenue rises in August, Yipit reports

In the digital-coupon market, the number of daily deals and revenue each rose 9 percent overall in August compared with the previous month, according to Yipit, a daily-deals aggregator and market watcher.

Total revenue for the industry rose to an estimated $228 million, compared with about $209 million in July, Yipit reported. Groupon, the industry's much-hyped leader, increased revenue by 13 percent in August for a total of $120.7 million, up from $106.6 million in July. The Chicago-based company now commands 53 percent of the daily-deals market, up 2 percentage points, beating its closest competitor, Living Social (… Read more

Yipit responds to new Yahoo competition

One of the new products that Yahoo introduced at this week's Web 2.0 Summit conference as part of its ongoing attempt to turn its brand around was Yahoo Local Deals, an aggregator of discount-distribution sites like Groupon and LivingSocial that have fast become one of the hottest new ways for local businesses to advertise.

It's not quite clear how Yahoo's product will be structured. But they're certainly veering into the territory of start-ups like Yipit, which already offer similar services and say they can do it better. "I was surprised they are only working … Read more