Creative intros new $99 noise-canceling headphones

I'm always looking for cheaper alternatives to Bose's highly regarded but expensive Quiet Comfort noise-canceling headphones, which is why Creative's new HN-900 headphones caught my eye.

In the past, Creative's noise-canceling headphones have been pretty decent, and the nice thing about this one is that unlike the Bose and many other noise-canceling models, the HN-900 has an integrated microphone for making cell phone calls. One AAA battery gives you about 40 hours of active noise-cancellation.

At the same time Creative released the HN-900s, it also announced the impending arrival of a higher-end model noise-canceling model, the $… Read more

Zen X-Fi2 launches as Creative's first touch-screen MP3 player

Updated: September 2, 2009 at 11:32 a.m. PDT.

For those Creative faithful who were a bit disappointed that the Zii Egg wasn't launched as a fully baked-and-branded media player for the masses, the company is about to make it up to you. This morning, Creative unveiled the Zen X-Fi2, a second-generation device that adds a touch screen and TV-out capability to the already solid X-Fi foundation. The new player features a 3-inch, touch-sensitive, TFT LCD capable of displaying up to 262,000 colors, and by the looks of it, this new Zen carries over the excellent icon-based menu found on other players in the line.

At 4 inches long by 2.2 inches wide by 0.4 inch deep, the Zen X-Fi2 is quite a bit longer than the previous-generation model and more inline with the size of the iPod Touch, though it's still smaller overall. It also appears to offer some sort of home button, but we're happy to see that Creative elected to orient this player in landscape mode, making it standout from the touch-screen masses. In addition to the updated navigational method, the Zen X-Fi2 features direct TV-out capability, though you will need to purchase a cable accessory to take advantage of it.

Credit: Creative

Other than that, the features largely carry over from the Zen X-Fi.… Read more

Shower your Creative Zen with gifts

The holidays are here again, meaning it's the perfect time to shower your MP3 player with gifts--accessories, to be exact. And while we're getting specific, let's focus on one particular family of players: the Creative Zen. The iPod gets plenty of love in the portable audio accessory space, but it's not the only device that has products made specifically with it in mind.

The Creative Zen Stone, the Mozaic, the X-Fi, and the plain ol' Zen all have a gaggle of gear fine-tuned to fit. But since I know you have enough on your plate without … Read more

Creative makes multiroom wireless audio setup more affordable

If you're finding that your notebook is pulling double duty as productivity machine and audio server in your home, Creative has a new tandem of products that may hold some appeal: the Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook sound card and Wireless Receiver.

The $90 Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook sound card fits into an ExpressCard slot and, on its own, promises to restore details to compressed audio files. It also delivers an approximation of surround sound to gamers using headphones.

Add the Creative Wireless Receiver to the mix, and you can broadcast your iTunes library or other audio files stored on … Read more