Athos: Computers should be in your workout wear, not just your pockets

Most of us have a vision in our heads of the ideal version of ourselves -- fit, smart, sexy, and, if we're honest, probably air-brushed. The company Athos wants to help you feel like you are working toward achieving at least the first part of that vision with workout gear that, thanks to embedded muscle-tracking sensors, can monitor many aspects of your workout with extreme -- and yes, expensive -- precision.

Now available for preorder with a target ship date of summer 2014, the sensorized tops and bottoms that range in size from extra small to extra large are $99 each; the Core wearable module, which gathers the data and shoots it wirelessly to the smartphone app, will set you back $199.… Read more

Review: Math Workout might be a little too basic for adults, but great for K-12

Math Workout is a very polished app that includes plenty of fun math games designed for all ages. Sadly, most of the games might be too basic for users in high school or beyond. Younger users could really benefit from the brain exercise and fast thinking skills this game offers, though.

This brain-fitness game offers several different ways to test your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Most of them hinge on being able to solve basic problems quickly and in bulk. Even though that adds to the challenge, it still might be a little too easy for users who … Read more

Fit Radio streams up-tempo tunes to motivate your workout

The more I run, the more I realize my regular playlist isn't cutting it. Even with some 150 hand-picked songs, I get bored hearing the same ones over and over. And although they're among my favorite power-pop tunes, they're quite diverse when it comes to tempo. I need songs of at least 128 beats per minute (bpm) to keep me running strong.

Enter Fit Radio, a free app (Android|iOS|Web) that streams up-tempo playlists designed to amp up your workout. It's like Songza for sprinters, or maybe Pandora for bike peddlers.

The app is divided … Read more

Mix up your workout with Obstacles XRT for iOS

Top reasons you skipped your workout today:

It was too dark or cold outside to run. Your hotel didn't have a fitness center. You're sick to death of the treadmill. You let that pricey gym membership expire.

Here's an easy fix for these and other excuses: Obstacles XRT, which bills itself as "extreme reality training" -- a fancy way of saying it's a fitness app. It normally sells for $4.99, but from now through January 31, you can grab it for $1.99.

Two bucks very well spent, in my humble opinion. Obstacles … Read more

Apple's map flop stirs new mobile battle

Thursday's CNET Update feels a little lost:

Apple's got a bit of a mess on its hands. A map mess. In the upgrade to iOS 6, Apple has replaced maps powered by Google with its own new creation. But depending on where you roam, map results can be inaccurate or hard to decipher. Examples of glitchy moments, inaccuracies and lack of data have been posted on the Tumblr blog "The Amazing iOS 6 Maps." If you upgraded to iOS 6, you can access Google Maps via the browser. You can also bookmark as … Read more

DIY: A dead-simple workout armband

As an avid gym-goer and outdoor person who's dependent on her music and fitness apps, my phone has become my best workout buddy. (After all, it never flakes on me.)

I'm not alone, and for me and the many others who rely on their phones for fitness, storing our phones while breaking a sweat isn't always a simple task. Sure, you can shove it in your sports bra, stick it in your waistband, or just hold it in your hand, but come on -- that's gross.

Web sites like Amazon are chock-full of workout armbands for … Read more

iBike fitness tool puts trainer on your handlebars

LAS VEGAS--A woman is pedaling leisurely on a stationary bike, her thick, dark braid draped delicately over one shoulder as she barely breaks a sweat. Someone whispers that she's Brazilian, and thus a real, live example of what you get with one of Velocomp's new workouts, Brazilian Butt. (Using a real, live Brazilian who presumably has said butt sans effort rather defeats the point, but I digress.)

Velocomp, creators of last year's iBike Dash, unveiled the iBike Powerhouse at CES this week--the Dash's bigger, badder cousin.

For $269, the handlebar-mounted cycling computer that includes a water- and shock-resistant case and syncs with the iPhone and iPod Touch is all about tailored workouts that remind you when you're slacking off.… Read more

The 404 908: Where we level up with Fitocracy (podcast)

Our guest on today's podcast episode is Dick Talens from, a social network that whips nerds into shape using role-playing mechanics and social-gaming achievements.

A self-described "ex-fat kid," Dick tells us about his high-school RPG career that developed an unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits, and the light bulb moment when he realized he could combine his love for video games with the success of online social networks to get into shape.

Instead of typical workout routines you get from personal trainers and fitness magazines, Fitocracy takes cues from games like World of Warcraft and Chrono Trigger to present "quests" that must be completed to earn achievement points and "boosts."

After each workout, Fitocracy makes it easy to check in online, update your progress, and even send "props" to your fellow Fitocrats--the whole process is really motivating and takes the chest puffing out of your daily gym experience.

Check out today's episode to see Dick's incredible before and after photos, which should be enough to get you out of your computer chair for at least a few sit-ups. Also, the site is in private beta right now, but Dick is extending a generous invite to 404 listeners--just head to and enter in "The404" as a promo code and you'll be able to sign up ahead of everyone else.

Enjoy the service, and let us know what you think, and don't forget to send us your before and after photos!

The 404 Digest for Episode 908

Head over to Fitocracy and enter "The 404" into the promo code section to try it out! Fitocracy brings games and social to your workouts. Follow Fitocracy on Twitter. My workout partner is a role-playing game. Xkcd comic about Fitocracy. Most popular fitness tracking Web site: Fitocracy. Twitter break video of the day: HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA (AND HE PRAYS)

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Workout got you down? Pandora hopes to help

If you're like me, a jog without music just drags. Visions of the proverbial gerbil on the exercise wheel penetrate the brain, and the miles go by achingly slowly. Add the right song, at the right volume, and suddenly the run becomes something akin to enjoyable.

Recognizing the value of a good workout station, Pandora today announced a new workout genre with 12 stations. And the winners are:… Read more

Plan your workout in 3D

iMuscle helps you work out by showing you a 3D representation of the human body with the musculature exposed and animations of the muscle groups used for specific exercises. The app offers over 450 3D animations to show how stretches and exercises effect your body--a great workout aid when your at the gym and want to know how to best focus on specific muscle groups.

The interface of iMuscle lets you choose an area of the "Muscleman" you want to work on and then zooms in on the area. You then get a list of thumbnails that work … Read more