preGAME 05: MLB 2K10 & MLB 10: The Show

This week on preGAME, hosts Jeff Bakalar and Mark Licea take a sneak peek at both Major League Baseball games releasing today! Live on the show, we'll play a full inning from each title as well as talk to some of the developers behind the games. It's two games in one show for the first time ever!

Today's headlines start off with some breaking news from developer Infinity Ward (Modern Warfare 2) about two high-level employees. Also, we'll chat about the NES game that just went for a cool $41,000 on eBay and how we … Read more

Third-party developers complaining about Wii's online presence

It should come as no surprise to Nintendo that third-party developers are beginning to complain about the company's online presence (or lack thereof). In fact, they're calling the company out. In a time when a game's online component is nearly as important as its single-player campaign, the online offering for the Wii is simply not up to par.

From the confusing 16-digit friend codes that must be shared for matchmaking to the lack of localized promotion, Nintendo has not made it clear that the company takes online gaming seriously. Sure, the Virtual Console is solid and there … Read more

Best downloadable games of 2009: A year without boxes

In many ways, 2009 seems to be the year download-only games hit their stride. Between the iPhone and iPod Touch dominating the portable market with the ever-growing App Store; the release of the completely disc-free PSP Go; and the Nintendo DSi--which also can download games from an online store--portable gaming has started to move beyond the cartridge and disc. Even in home consoles, there's been a continuing focus on lower-cost downloadable games and DLC sold on Sony's PSN, Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade, and the Nintendo Wii's WiiWare as alternatives to pricier disc-based titles.

While download-only … Read more

Nintendo DSiWare gives us what we want
(in Japan): Electroplankton, Game and Watch

Nintendo's DSiWare service, like its WiiWare platform, are temptations and teases for the lovers of the independent and obscure. Because no boxes or cartridges/discs need be sold, the ability for much-loved indie titles to be finally unleashed or re-released seems to be too good to be true.

Making good on part of that promise, Nintendo has had a busy week announcing both downloadable versions of their retro Game & Watch series, as well as their cult-classic music/art title, Electroplankton.

For the uninitiated, Game & Watch was Nintendo's first electronic gaming platform, dating to the very early … Read more

Game video that'll burn in your retinas: Muscle March

Sometimes a video is so fascinating, so hypnotic, so awe-inspiringly strange, that it just doesn't leave your head. It stays for days and days, over a whole weekend, while the mind reels at the possibilities. Namco-Bandai's Muscle March is just such a brain injection of oddity.

Japan is a lucky country. It gets titles like Muscle March for WiiWare, while we get to watch YouTube videos instead.

Witness the rainbow-colored bikini briefs and posing polar bears...almost like Punch-Out!!, if Punch-Out!! involved slamming your shirtless body through walls while on psychedelics. The style is reminiscent of the best … Read more

DSiWare, WiiWare, and Virtual Console releases for this week

This week the Virtual Console celebrates its 300th downloadable game as a classic Zelda game finally makes its debut.

DSiWare Art Style: PiCTOBiTS (Gameloft, 500 DSi Points): This color matching block game is ready for download on the DSi Shop. Enjoy various levels of puzzle-solving fun and the occasional visit from a classic NES character. WiiWare Crystal Defenders R2 (Square Enix, 800 Points): Ward off the encroaching enemy fleet by deploying Fencers and Black Mages. Battle through various maps of combat and strategy. Silver Star Chess (Agetec, Inc., 500 Points): Finally you can ditch that cumbersome chess board and rely
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DSiWare, WiiWare, and Virtual Console releases for this week

This week brings us a standalone downloadable soccer game for the DSi, some family pirate fun on WiiWare, and a classic arcade space shooter to the Virtual Console.

DSiWare Real Soccer 2009 (Gameloft, 800 DSi Points): Finally, the DSi Shop gets an independently developed third-party downloadable game! Real Soccer 2009 provides great soccer action with 198 teams to choose from. Use the DSi's camera to create your own soccer ball. WiiWare Family Pirate Party (Aksys Games, 500 DSi Points): The Pirate family is back again, pillaging the seas for gold and other treasures. Play with up to four friends
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DSiWare, WiiWare, and Virtual Console releases for this week

This week brings us plenty of Animal Crossing accessories for your DSi as well as a Commodore 64 classic.

DSiWare Animal Crossing Calculator (Nintendo, 200 DSi Points): This download isn't necessarily a game, it's actually just a calculator with Animal Crossing-themed buttons. Use conversions and other features everywhere you bring your DSi. Animal Crossing Clock (Nintendo, 200 DSi Points): Another download that isn't actually a real game, Animal Crossing Clock is just that. It's a clock--with Animal Crossing characters plastered all over it. You can view an analog or digital display as well as set an
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DSiWare, WiiWare, and Virtual Console releases for this week

This week brings us card games and paper planes for the DSi while the Virtual Console gets another Japanese import title. DSiWare Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics (Nintendo, 500 DSi Points): Enjoy five card games right on your DSi. Choose from Blackjack and Five Card Draw, or try out games we've never heard of like Last Card, Last Card Plus, and President. Paper Airplane Chase (Nintendo, 200 DSi Points): A minigame found in the WarioWare franchise, Paper Airplane Chase has you guiding a paper airplane through a never-ending maze of tight turns and close calls. WiiWare Cocoto Platform Jumper (
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DSiWare, WiiWare, and Virtual Console releases for this week

This week brings Dr. Mario to the DSi and Wonderboy to the Virtual Console. DSiWare Dr. Mario Express (Nintendo, 500 DSi Points): The classic color-matching puzzle game makes its way to the Nintendo portable in Dr. Mario Express. Play alone or against the computer in the race to fight off viruses. Master of Illusion Express: Deep Psyche (Nintendo, 200 DSi Points): Continuing the series of magic tricks for your DSi, Deep Psyche will ask you a number of questions in order to reveal a startling truth. WiiWare Crystal Defenders R1 (SQUARE ENIX, 800 Wii points): See how many encroaching monsters
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