GO Power Master review

GO Power Master reduces the drain on your Android device's battery with several customizable power schemes. It powers down unnecessary functions automatically, such as turning off network connections while you're asleep. You can also toggle functions on and off at will.


Save modes: General save mode enables auto brightness and mobile data, while Super save mode disables network connections and reduces brightness. Extreme mode adds smart saving functionality.

My mode: If the preset modes don't meet your needs, you can customize power saving options in My mode.

Smart: Smart control options include auto-sync, Bluetooth, CPU, and … Read more

Countdown Widget review

Countdown Widget adds to your screen one or more widgets that count down to the milestones you set. Rather than being a traditional application, it conforms to the generic Android drag-and-drop widget principle, having only a few straightforward settings.


Multiple widgets: Countdown Widget allows any number of widgets for multiple events. We managed to fit eight of them on a Samsung Galaxy S3 home screen.

Accomplishes its primary task: Setting up new milestones takes only a few seconds. Once the widgets are up and running, you can go about your business without losing track of upcoming major events.

No … Read more

GO Weather Widget review

With its many features and themes, GO Weather Widget stands out as one of the most sophisticated apps of its kind, providing accurate and detailed weather forecasts through a beautiful interface and appealing widgets. However, to enjoy all its features and get rid of nagging ads, you have to pay.


Feature-packed: GO Weather Widget includes interactive maps, hourly forecasts, wind forecast, and dynamic backgrounds that change depending on the weather, which is something that few weather apps can boast. Another feature that sets it apart is the chart-based trends for 24 hours or six days.

Amazing customization options: This … Read more

Neat Calendar review

The free edition of CodeSector's Neat Calendar is a versatile primary lock screen widget for Android that integrates with Google Calendar. The widget shows the time, date, and upcoming events from your Google Calendar as well as customizable calendars displaying birthdays, holidays, and more. Tapping the icon opens Google Calendar, too.


Harder to miss events: With Neat Calendar's custom calendars associated with your lock screen, you're more likely to notice upcoming events like birthdays and deadlines.

Easy to add events: Neat Calendar offers several ways to add and manage events, including directly from the widget, from … Read more

Sticking Notes Widget Free review

Sticking Notes Widget Free makes it easier for you to jot down reminders, ideas, and thoughts on your mobile device, but on a small screen it can be a bit awkward to use. On a tablet, though, this little app shines, offering an easy solution to creating personalized sticky notes with as few taps as possible. The free version offers the same functionality as the premium one, lacking only multiple themes and pin holders.

Sticking Notes Widget Free installs as a widget, not an app, so to use it you need to drag and drop it from the Widgets section … Read more

Zooper Widget review

With its endless customization options and remarkable performance, Zooper Widget stands out as one of the best widget apps for Android. Whether or not you plan to design your own widgets, this app's beautiful, fully scalable built-in widgets and ingenious features can make your device more interesting and enjoyable, improving your home screen experience. The only downside to using this app is that with all its options and features its interface may seem at first overwhelming.

After a speedy install, Zooper Widget asks you to drag a widget slot onto your home screen and then tap on it to … Read more

Ultimate Custom Widget review

Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW) lives up to its name, providing you with a powerful widget creator, as well as making it easy for you to use widgets created by other users, many of which are available for free online. Its huge array of customization options make it a fabulous app for geeks, but potentially overwhelming for average users, at least in the beginning.

Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW) takes just a few seconds to install. You are then greeted by the widget creator, which lets you add elements such as clock, date, battery status, images, static text, location info, weather, Gmail … Read more

Quick tip: Listen to the Google Sound Search history playlist

When you hear a song on the radio, or during a TV show, movie, or anywhere else, using the Google Sound Search widget is a quick way to identify it. Just tap the widget and it will start listening to the music. Once identified, you can find out more information.

The Sound Search widget also keeps a convenient history list of any tracks you've identified. To access it, just tap icon on the widget.

With the current Web version of Google Play Music, you would need to look up each track and add it to a playlist, since there'… Read more

Display your agenda on Android lock screens with Neat Calendar

Lock screen widgets on Android can be time-savers, giving you quick access to information and apps. Some of the default lock screen widgets that are available include clocks, message lists, music players, and calendars.

The Neat Calendar Widget is a lock screen widget that displays your Google Calendar's agenda. Neat Calendar is more configurable than the default Google Calendar widget and arguably more attractive.

After installing Neat Calendar on your Android 4.2+ device, go to your lock screen and add it from the list of available lock screen widgets. The config screen will appear first, allowing you to … Read more

Enable lock screen widgets in Android 4.4 KitKat

When Google first launched Android 4.2 Jelly Bean one of the features included in the update was lock screen widgets. With the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat last week, there's a change to lock screen widgets you need to know about.

Users of Android 4.2 and 4.3 know that lock screen widgets were enabled by default on any compatible device. The option to have lock screen widgets was there whether you wanted them or not; that's not the case with KitKat.

When you first go to access or add a lock screen widget on … Read more