Wide Sky review

Wide Sky is a fun and engrossing game that gives you the opportunity to train your hedgehog and accomplish missions together. Using ropes and assorted special powers, your hedgehog can ascend to the highest levels in the Wide Sky as long as you can master the techniques for controlling him.

To begin playing this game, you'll have to pick how you'd like to control your hedgehog, either by touching the screen or by tilting the device you're playing on. The game tells you that the touch option is best for beginners, but we found it easier to … Read more

Tim Berners-Lee: 25 years on, the Web still needs work (Q&A)

Twenty-five years ago, on March 12, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee proposed "a universal linked information system" to help itinerant academics from across the globe run a complicated particle accelerator.

Boy, did the World Wide Web ever exceed those initial expectations.

Berners-Lee aimed to help the CERN facility in Switzerland, but he called for a system that worked much more broadly. And spread it did, fostered by the then-novel idea of hyperlinking that let people feed vast amounts of information into the Web, giving it a location and a way of finding it later.

"The result should be sufficiently … Read more

Internet now used by 87% of American adults, says poll

Almost 90 percent of American adults surveyed use the Internet, and almost all say that the Internet has been a good thing for them personally.

Among the 1,000 American adults surveyed by Pew Research in January, 87 percent now use the Internet. That number is even higher for certain groups. Internet use was claimed by 99 percent of people in households that earn $75,000 or more, 97 percent of adults ages 18-29, and 97 percent of those with college degrees.

A full 68 percent of those polled connect to the Internet via mobile devices. On a related note, … Read more

Olympus to flesh out pro lens line with supertele, ultrawide

The good news for those committed to Olympus' Micro Four Thirds camera line: two useful new professional-grade lenses are on the way. The bad news: they won't arrive until 2015.

The Japanese camera maker announced Wednesday it's developing the M.Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm F2.8 Pro ultra-wide zoom and the M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm F4 Pro supertelephoto. In 35mm camera terms, those have the focal-length equivalents of 14mm-28mm and 600mm, respectively.

The lenses will be the third and fourth models of Olympus' new Pro line. The first arrived in 2013, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm … Read more

Tim Berners-Lee: We need a Web that's open and international

Tim Berners-Lee is again speaking out on the need for a decentralized Web that works internationally.

Chatting with Wired at an event this week promoting the magazine's March issue, the so-called father of the Web spoke about the threat to his creation from countries trying to insulate it.

"I want a Web that's open, works internationally, works as well as possible and is not nation-based," Berners-Lee said. "What I don't want is a Web where the Brazilian government has every social network's data stored on servers on Brazilian soil. That would make it … Read more

Get a Canon wide-format printer for $99 shipped

If you're serious about photography, or at least semiserious, you probably love turning your pictures into prints. Sure, your average inkjet can do that, but not with pro-level results, and probably not any larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.

No, to get bigger, better output, you need a bigger, better printer. Like this one: For a limited time, Adorama has the Canon Pixma Pro-100 wide-format printer with photo paper for $99 shipped. That's after redeeming a $300(!) mail-in rebate (PDF).

Yep, you're reading that right: This printer normally sells for $399. (Seriously, check Amazon.) And the … Read more

Tim Berners-Lee warns against governments controlling the Web

The so-called father of the World Wide Web wants to protect his child from governments and corporations.

Tim Berners-Lee was in the U.K. on Tuesday and was one of several people to receive the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. At the event, the inventor of the Web was asked about the allegations made by Edward Snowden that governments are using the Web to tap into the communications of private citizens, The Guardian reported Wednesday.

In response, Berners-Lee said: "The original design of the Web of 24 years ago was for a universal space, we didn't have a … Read more

Search is on for lost first draft of first Web page

The first draft of the World Wide Web has gone missing, with perhaps one of the only copies of the very first Web site floating around the world's drawers or attics on a floppy disk somewhere.

Tim Berners-Lee wrote the first version of the very first Web page back in 1990 as a way for scientists to share information at CERN -- the European nuclear physics lab and particle accelerator site on the border of Switzerland and France. But it wasn't until 1992 that he actually saved a copy of that early CERN page.… Read more

Twenty years on, the Web faces new openness challenges

Two decades ago today, the European particle accelerator called CERN gave birth to what's known as the open Web -- a technology that anyone can build without paying licensing or royalty fees.

But as the Web has grown ever more popular and sophisticated, proprietary technology poses a challenge to that philosophy of openness. The challenge is most clear in the area of video, where patents and copy protection are at odds with the Web's openness.

Tim Berners-Lee, a physicist at CERN, started developing what he called the World Wide Web in 1989. After CERN released the software for … Read more

Learn keyboard shortcuts with KeyCue for Mac

Research has shown that frequent use of a computer mouse may contribute to repetitive motion injuries. KeyCue for Mac claims to teach users how to replace the mouse with keyboard shortcuts, but its limited functionality and its price make it less useful than it could have been.

A 30-day free trial version of KeyCue for Mac is available, but it costs $29.99 for the full version. The program downloads quickly but despite having its own installer, proved difficult to set up. We had to try the installation several times due to the program claiming it could not install while … Read more