Wickr 2.0 makes self-destructing SMS more fun

When it comes to secure text messaging, you're often entirely dependent on the whims of the message server. Wickr goes to great lengths to flip that paradigm around, handing control back to you, the sender.

Wickr 2.0's debut on Friday makes it much easier to invite friends to use the app, thanks to a new address-book scanning feature that prevents Wickr from learning who you're inviting. That's a big difference from just about every other service out there, which accesses your address book -- usually with your permission -- and then holds on to that … Read more

Secure SMS app Wickr finally hits Android

Wickr isn't the only encrypted text messaging app around, but it does provide a hard-to-replicate level of protection for your texts. Previously for iOS only, it launched Monday in beta on Android.

The app's argument is simple: its San Francisco-based makers claim that Wickr, now cross-platform between Android and iOS, provides the most secure text messaging apparatus currently available. It uses AES-256, RSA-4096, ECDH-521, Transport Layer Security, and SHA-256 to encode data while it's being stored on a server and while being transferred between devices.

Nico Sell, a Wickr co-founder, doesn't hesitate to talk about her … Read more

Send self-destructing messages from your work computer

Much like the vanishing photos sent with Snapchat, a new Web app lets you send self-destructing messages from your work computer.

New York-based app maker Lamplighter Games last week launched OTR -- for "off the record" messaging -- a browser plug-in that lets you send messages that disappear within 5 seconds of being read.

"We both love using Snapchat, so we thought it would be fun to put Snapchat in the browser," according to Kris Minkstein, who co-founded the company with his brother Andy. "We figured since you're in front of your computer all day at work that you're going to end up sending a lot of these photos to probably the guys sitting next to you at your cubicle." … Read more

Wickr turns iOS message self-destruct up to 11

Wickr (download) gained new secure sending and subsequent self-destructing powers in a big update to the encryption and security app today, perhaps not coincidentally Data Privacy Day.

There are four new features in the app. You can now send and subsequently self-destruct images and PDFs from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box to other Wickr users, which expands the limits of the original send-and-self-destruct feature. You can also send up to three 30-second videos, up to 5 MB, per message. Audio messages, which function like voice mails, have been extended to 30 seconds long, as well.

Wickr can now connect to … Read more