Review: Where's My Chicken? FREE will keep kids entertained

Where's My Chicken? FREE is a cute game that is easy to play -- perhaps too easy. It's almost impossible to not get the top score on each level of this game you play, and there's little variation in them, as well. While that repetitive fun may be fine for kids, it's not enough to make this game a real winner for adults.

In this game, your goal is to collect eggs from a coop full of chickens while keeping your coop safe from roving foxes. You can load the coop with a practically limitless number … Read more

Get face to face with original 'Star Wars' artifacts

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- When George Lucas made "Star Wars" in 1976, he probably never imagined that artifacts from that film and the five that followed it would one day inspire a touring exhibition meriting the same fine-arts treatment as a Van Gogh show.

But that's exactly the case with "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination," a show that opens this Saturday at The Tech Museum of Innovation here. And though the exhibition has been touring for the last eight years, making its way through 19 other American cities, it has never before shown in … Read more

Harry Potter spinoff films to get game adaptations

Ever wanted to play with the magical monsters in the Hogwarts textbook "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"? Well, soon you can.

Warner Bros. announced on Thursday a new series of Harry Potter spinoff films based on the textbook written by fictional author Newt Scamander, and said these properties will be developed into games as well.

J.K. Rowling will make her screenwriting debut for the "Fantastic Beasts" films. It will be an original story set in the wizarding world that's neither a sequel nor a prequel to the Harry Potter universe, but rather … Read more

Dresses writhe and glow only when someone is looking

Most dresses are made by fashion designers. It takes a special dress to also require the efforts of a robotic designer. Fashion designer Ying Gao brought in robotics designer Simon Laroche to help create (No)where (Now)here, two dresses that activate when someone looks at them.

The gaze-activated dresses incorporate eye-tracking technology. When the dress detects a person's gaze, it moves and lights up in the dark. The undulating dresses are mesmerizing to look at. The fabric moves like gentle waves, making them look alive, like some strange ocean denizens.… Read more

Great local search apps for iOS

I was going through the app listings the other day and came across LocalScope, a unique local search tool that helps you find things near your current location. Obviously, many people already use Google Maps (no current version for iOS) for this purpose, and the Yelp-powered Apple Maps gets better every day, but after looking at LocalScope (reviewed below), I went on a search for other apps that tailor their results just for what is right around your area.

This week's collection of apps is all about searching for services around your location. The first gives you tons of listings and a surprising bonus feature for finding your destination. The second offers a slick radial interface and tons of categories to pick from. The third is LocalScope, and uses social data to find places, videos, and images from people around your location.… Read more

Our favorite free apps for Election Day 2012

Weathered by debates and endless political advertisements? We're in the home stretch of the 2012 U.S. election season now. Whether you've already voted or are still mulling politicians and propositions, there are plenty of apps to tap for an up-to-the minute perspective on the various battles.

Scan our brief list of mobile apps that can help you vote and stay in tune with the rapid-fire developments sure to occur tomorrow. Got a favorite app you're leaning on for election information? Let us know in the comments section. … Read more

Help Perry in his mission

A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say. And this is 249 times as true as Perry the platypus will become your friend as soon as you start playing Where's My Perry?, an iOS game signed by Disney. We were impressed by the great design, wonderful scenario, and easy-to-use interface that glues you to your iPhone.

Where's My Perry? follows the same format as another Disney game, Where's My Water? This time, however, the protagonist is Perry the platypus, a secret agent who, instead of being able to save the world, gets stuck in transportation … Read more

Liquid physics games for iOS

I often write about action games in my collections, and it's no secret I'm a fan of the racing-game genre as well. But another genre I like to play while on my commute is mind-twisting puzzle games. A new game was released a few days ago that has jumped to the top of the charts at iTunes App Store and it has all the bells and whistles to remain a hit.

Though puzzle games come in a lot of different forms, one of my favorite types is those that use realistic physics. Some of the best I have come across use liquid physics and require you to experiment in order to solve each puzzle.… Read more

Arcade puzzle games for iOS

Are you a puzzle gamer? My iOS devices have a mix of gaming genres, from action arcade titles and racing games, to FPS shooters and role-playing adventure games. But sometimes I also like to focus in and test my logic and problem-solving skills with puzzle games.

Some great games have come out recently that are worthy of any puzzle-gaming fan's iPhone. All of these titles are worthy of checking out, because they have plenty of challenge, are all very polished graphically, and are perfect for when you want to put your brain-teaser skills to the test.… Read more

E3 retrospective: Where are they now?

The big three video game console manufacturers love to use E3 as a forum to brag, tease, and whet the appetites of gamers worldwide.

An entire year later, where do all of the promises, announcements, and hype from 2010's show stand? We've hand-picked each conference's spotlight moments and detailed the progress in a slideshow.