Letterman's got a lot of love

With the writer's strike 10 days in, many of those employed by talk shows and other programs are beginning to feel the financial effects of the silent set, but some folks have been spared the impact (at least for now).

David Letterman, who hosts the The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS, has offered to pay his staff through the rest of the year. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, the money will come directly from Letterman himself. His production company, Worldwide Pants, also owns The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and the employees of that show will also be provided for throughout the remainder of 2007.

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Authentication gone, but IE still genuine

Microsoft has removed its Windows Genuine Advantage authentication system from the installation process for Internet Explorer 7.

For the average user, this means a quicker installation time. CNET News.com is reporting that Microsoft's decision was because of enhanced security fixes that replace the need for the WGA. However, some have speculated that Redmond's reasoning may have less to do with consumer protection and more with program distribution: Mozilla's Firefox 2 has eaten somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the browser market, depending on whose metrics you believe, and that has Microsoft's bigwigs deeply concerned. … Read more