ImgWater review

ImgWater gives you the tools you need to protect your images from unauthorized reuse by adding your own customized watermarks. Especially if you regularly put your own images up on a blog or other public site, you need a good way to prevent others from repurposing those images, and this program is a good option.

The interface of ImgWater is intuitive and streamlined, with options for customizing all kinds of features for your watermarks. To get started, just import the image you want to protect from your computer, and then choose the font from a long list of possibilities. There … Read more

Intel CEO talks Apple, water-cooled PCs, carbon nanotubes

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich responded to questions about Apple, building his own PCs, and future tech at Intel in a Reddit AMA on Wednesday.

On Apple: "We've always had a very close relationship with Apple, and it continues to grow closer. Sure [it's] grown close over the years especially since...they started to use our technology in their systems."

Along these lines -- though Krzanich didn't address it -- market researcher IC Insights posted a research note earlier in the month suggesting that Intel should cut a deal with Apple for its idle Fab 42 … Read more

NASA photos show possible flowing water on Mars

There could be salt water runnin' in them thar Martian hills! At least that's how NASA's news Monday of new evidence of the potential presence of flowing salt water sounded to my ears here in the southern Rockies.

The above photo from NASA's spacecraft orbiting Mars is a picture of dark markings that scientists say suggest seasonal flows down a slope, overlaid with colors from a mineral-mapping spectrometer observing the same region. NASA says the dark, fingerlike markings advance down some slopes when temperatures rise. … Read more

Review: Water on the Glass provides you with a decent live wallpaper

Water on the Glass is neat animated wallpaper, but it asks too much of you once you try to install it. You'll have to give up your privacy and accept a nasty ad agreement in order to gain access to this wallpaper. It's tough to imagine most people will be willing to do that when there are other rain-themed backgrounds available.

This app isn't listed on the Google Play store, so you'll have to find an alternative means of downloading it. No matter how you get it on your phone, Water on the Glass -- which … Read more

Check out Samsung's stylish Chef Collection dishwasher

Samsung debuted its new "Chef Collection" suite of kitchen appliances this week at CES, including the DW80H9970 dishwasher. With a sleek, stainless steel finish and reinvented washing mechanics, it's looking like a dishwasher worth keeping an eye on in 2014.

The Chef Collection dishwasher's marquee feature is "WaterWall," which Samsung is hailing as an entirely new approach to cleaning. Instead of a revolving circle of jets, WaterWall uses -- you guessed it -- a linear wall of water which sweeps back and forth during the wash cycle. Samsung calls this corner-to-corner cleaning, and claims … Read more

Review: LotsaWater for Mac is an attractive, water-themed screensaver for Mac

LotsaWater for Mac is a free water-themed screensaver that looks quite good on newer Macs, even those with retina displays. The screensaver is exactly as it sounds, a rippling water effect that takes over your desktop when the timer goes off for your screensaver. It looks fantastic and it offers a nice alternative to the screensavers built into the OS X system.

To install the file, just open the image and install the screensaver file that is unzipped when you do. Your screensaver and wallpaper preferences will open immediately and you can choose this new screensaver as your default, as … Read more

Apple will now pay you for a water-damaged iPhone or iPad

Want to get rid of that iPhone you dropped in the bathtub? Apple may now give you something for it.

Apple's Reuse and Recycling Program promises you an Apple Store gift card in exchange for your used iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Mac desktop. You can then use that gift card toward a new Apple device or accessory.

Until Monday, water-damaged devices weren't accepted as trade-ins. But the Reuse and Recycling Program site now asks if the device you wish to send in has been damaged by water. How can you tell?

Most iPhones and iPads have a liquid … Read more

Weird, wonderful Sony ad: More water music than you can handle

Whenever I listen to nature, it always tells me: "I'm getting out of here. This place is going down."

Sony, however, feels that the natural world speaks beauty and even plays it. So it's created a spectacularly peculiar ad in which the music is all played not by ear but by water.

The tune is Pachelbel's Canon, so often heard at weddings and in the brilliant Robert Redford movie "Ordinary People."

The images are very beautiful, but the music is the true point of the sale. Sony would like you to know that … Read more

Review: Amazing Photo Water Effect Photo edits reflections in your images

Amazing Photo Water Effect is an editing app that creates a faded mirror image with any photo on your photo stream to give the impression that it is reflecting off water. The app actually has many different features for those that enjoy editing images, but with a lack of instructions, photo saving issues, and the "reflections" requirement, those extra features are rendered near-useless, and the app, itself, has limited use for iPhone photographers.

The Amazing Photo Water Effect app is much like other photo editing apps with features that include image sharpening, filters, meme creation, and more. But … Read more

Smart water bottle alerts you when it's time to hydrate

We can't all have a personal trainer standing over us at all times reminding us to stay hydrated during exercise. If the BluFit smart water bottle reaches its Indiegogo funding goal, then we might all have an app-powered hydration expert keeping us full of water.

The BluFit consists of an LED-equipped water bottle and an app for Android and iOS devices that support Bluetooth LE (also known as Bluetooth Smart). The hardware is built into the glass bottle's lid. There is a water sensor, USB port, rechargeable battery, and speaker.… Read more