Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare review

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare transplants the popular characters and weapons from the casual franchise into a first-person shooter.


Hectic multiplayer action: Surprisingly, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare holds its own as an entertaining shooter. Up to 24 players can engage in battle. Matches are competitive yet comical, thanks to the colorful, cartoony nature of the game.

Class diversity: In Team Fortress style, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare offers basic disciplines to fit the most common styles of team-based shooters. The flower team has the standard peashooter class and healing class, while the zombies have units like engineers with … Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review

Modern Warfare 3 marks the final chapter of this Call of Duty series, bringing an engaging single-player campaign filled with nonstop action and a polished multiplayer experience.


Polished campaign: Modern Warfare 3 holds nothing back as a mind-numbing, blockbuster, single-player experience. The game places you in the shoes of several protagonist soldiers from the previous two games and takes you around the world, chasing terrorists in the middle of an all-out war. Modern Warfare 3 may not have the most advanced game engine, but it excels at demonstrating destruction of cities, intense firefights, and uncomfortable, cinematic situations.

Satisfying multiplayer: … Read more

Command a fleet of tanks and robots with just your fingertips

Just bought a shiny new Surface tablet? Have some time to kill? Are you feeling rather war hungry? Then look no further. Armed is a futuristic turn-based war game available for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

To win each battle, players must build armies to take over enemy structures and defend their own. At the start of each battle, users are given funds to build factories or defensive turrets to fight off ground and air units. Each building is upgradeable; investing in a factory, for example, lets you get upgrades for your armies and even build more advanced units later … Read more

Become the best sniper

iSniper 3D: Arctic Warfare is a well-designed, first-person shooter iOS game that has all the necessary parts to become both awesome and addictive. With clear onscreen tips at first launch, the sniper's controls are intuitive enough to create a fun gaming experience. However, we get the feeling that the developers are pushing for in-app purchases.

We like that the game had a story to get you into the role. However, the graphics don't have too much detail, so you will just have to focus on improving your score, which is needed throughout the app if you want to … Read more

The 404 1,065: Where it's all in our heads (podcast)

Today's episode of The 404 is a valuable resource for anyone obsessed with headphones -- classic audiophiles, young audiophiliacs, musicians, producers, and casual listeners will all benefit from Steve Guttenberg's knowledge, and he brought a friend! Tyll Hertsens is largely credited for creating the first portable headphone amp and currently the editor-in-chief of InnerFidelity.

With Tyll's help, we'll run through the differences between on-ear and in-ear headphones, give credit to two companies responsible for introducing high-quality headphones to the next generation of audiophiles, and we'll even spend a little time dissecting the criteria for what makes a headphone "sound good."… Read more

The 404 1,037: Where Wayne Brady gives the Internet a swirly (podcast)

Wayne Brady makes his second appearance on The 404 today to expand on some of the gaming topics we covered back at CES in Vegas, but first he has a few words for his Twitter trolls.

He's daring all of them to show up to his improvisational comedy show at the Gotham Comedy Club here in NY. He's putting on three shows running today through Sunday and would love to face his critics in person, so check it out!

Wayne mentioned that he's always been into video games, so he'll update us on what he's … Read more

Litmus-like sensor could detect chemical weapons

Researchers at the University of Michigan say they have developed a simple litmus-like test for nerve gas that could clue military personnel into when they might actually need to use those heavy masks and protective gear. (Nerve gases, the most toxic of chemical warfare agents, and are colorless, odorless, and tasteless.)

"To detect these agents now, we rely on huge, expensive machines that are hard to carry and hard to operate," Jinsang Kim, an associate professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Michigan, said in a statement. "We wanted to develop an equipment-free, motion-free, … Read more

Xbox 360 scores huge sales win in January

The Xbox 360 is still scoring big amidst a slump in overall gaming sales.

Microsoft's hot gaming console was the best-selling platform in the U.S. in January, its 13th month in a row at the top of the charts, NPD Group said yesterday.

For January, Microsoft sold 270,000 Xbox 360s,  grabbing 49 percent of the console market last month. The Xbox accounted for $310 million in total sales (hardware, software, and accessories), the highest number for any console in the U.S. January also marked the 11th month in a row in which the Xbox grabbed … Read more

The 404 at CES 2012: Where it doesn't get any better than this (podcast)

LAS VEGAS--It's a big day for The 404 as we welcome two big Hollywood names to the CES stage--Eliza Dushku and Wayne Brady drop by for a chat about video games, robots, gadgets, and more!

It's not every day that The 404 is lucky enough to have one big name celebrity guest on the show, much less two in one episode! We've been waiting all week to chat with Eliza Dushku about her official duties as the official Entertainment Matters Ambassador for CES 2012, which sounds like a fun job!

She's been here hosting parties and covering the show all week, so we'll talk to her about the next wave of 3D televisions and her voice acting work in games like Fight Night Champion and WET, but we'd be doing our listeners and nerds everywhere a disservice if we didn't ask her about her involvement in role in Ghostbusters 3!… Read more

Low Latency No. 3: Times change, people change

Jeff: I first got the idea for a comic like this when I was in a GameStop store and saw a kid who couldn't have been older than 10 begging his mother for Modern Warfare 3. It got me thinking about the games I was desperate to have when I was that age, and I immediately remembered the 3-hour wild goose chase I sent my parents on in search of Super Mario Bros. 3. … Read more