Sim Aquarium Live Wallpaper review

Sim Aquarium Live Wallpaper adds to your device a beautifully designed virtual aquarium featuring gorgeous coral reefs, anemones, and bright, intelligent fish. This outstanding live wallpaper will dazzle you with its fantastic graphics and animations, but will also devour your RAM and battery. The premium version features no less than 20 additional fish species.

After a quick and easy installation, Sim Aquarium Live Wallpaper offers you three delightful animated backgrounds. Two feature beautifully rendered anemones that sway with a gentle rush of waves and are affected by the movement of your device, and adorable clownfish that you can touch or … Read more

My Wallpaper Gallery review

My Wallpaper Gallery provides access to a wide variety of options for wallpaper that you can use to dress up your desktop. Choose from multiple image options in many popular categories, or keep life interesting by having the program choose for you. Either way, you can be sure you'll always have something cool to look at as you work.

As soon as you download the app, you can begin switching up your wallpaper. The app's interface is perfectly straightforward, and all you have to do is decide which category you'd like your image to come from. The … Read more

GO Multiple Wallpaper review

Go Multiple Wallpaper enables you to set up a unique wallpaper for each of your screens, offering nine beautiful nature-inspired wallpapers, as well as the option to choose your own custom images. Transitions can't be customized and occasionally overlap and lag, especially if you flip through screens quickly. Still, if you're bored with having the same image on all screens, this app can make your device a bit more exciting.

To use Go Multiple Wallpaper you need a third-party home screen launcher, preferably GoLauncherEx. After a quick installation, you are taken to the wallpaper customization screen. Initially there … Read more

Iron Man 3 Live Wallpaper review

Iron Man 3 Live Wallpaper stands out as one of the more sophisticated and interesting wallpapers for Android, but to enjoy its smart features you have to unlock the premium version. The free version has little to offer save for the arc reactor on Iron Man's armor that serves as a battery gauge, turning from bright yellow to red as the battery depletes, and deflects enemy bullets whenever you touch it.

Once you unlock the premium version, however, Iron Man 3 Live Wallpaper becomes exciting. For a start you get a 3D panorama with Iron Man in full armor, … Read more

Cartoon Home Screen Wallpaper Maker review

Cartoon Home Screen Wallpaper Maker is an easy-to-use app that lets you create custom wallpapers for your iOS device. It's plagued with ads and a lot of its features require a paid upgrade, but it's a cute way to customize your device if you're into that kind of thing.

Cartoon Home Screen Wallpaper Maker has two components: wallpapers, which, as you would expect, serve as the background image, and frames, which are little squares resembling animals, fruits, and other objects. Users first select a wallpaper and then arrange the frames as desired on top of the wallpaper; … Read more

How to completely turn off parallax wallpapers on iOS 7.1

Apple's iOS 7 launched with a revamped design and new features galore. Not all features were welcomed, with some users pleading for the ability to revert back to iOS 6 or turn off some of the more "annoying" features. One such feature was the motion found throughout iOS 7, including the motion found on wallpaper images across all home screens.

Apple did provide a method for reducing the motion effect, but not a way to disable it across the board. With the release of iOS 7.1, the ability to turn off what Apple calls "Perspective … Read more

This app gives your Android background an amazing look

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a free app from developer Roman Nurik. His name may sound familiar, as he is also the developer of the popular DashClock widget.

Taking the same approach that he took with DashClock, Nurik has made Muzei Live Wallpaper free and open to developers to integrate with various services.

After installing Muzei, you'll have the option to select a service from which the app will pull random images. The default option is featured art, updated once a day. You can also select a photo album on your device, and increase the frequency of your wallpaper changing, … Read more

Animated Desktop Wallpaper Starfield review

Animated Desktop Wallpaper Starfield creates the feeling that you're flying through space with its stars streaking past on a colorful background. From black to purple to blue to white, all of the colors you associate with space are visible in the backdrop to this wallpaper, which is attractive by itself. But the addition of the tiny, white moving stars makes the illusion that you are in space even more intense.

When you open this program, it's accessible from the taskbar in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Right-clicking on the app's icon there will allow you … Read more

Dream-Rain Animated Desktop Wallpaper review

Dream-Rain Animated Desktop Wallpaper transforms your desktop background into a dreamscape populated with gently-moving raindrops. When you want something a little different as a background to your work, this app provides it through a fantasy of gently falling rain.

When you install Dream-Rain, it immediately transforms your desktop into a landscape featuring a grassy field that stretches into the distance. Above this field is a blue sky spotted with white clouds, and moving toward you smoothly and steadily are realistically-sized raindrops. This produces an interesting illusion, since the rain is actually moving sideways rather than falling from the sky to … Read more

Review: Novisso Desktop Wallpaper Rotator provides fresh images for your desktop

Novisso Desktop Wallpaper Rotator provides a wide variety of background images to keep your desktop fresh and inspiring. Choose one image or let the program automatically cycle through a few different scenes so you'll never be bored looking at your computer. There are also a lot of different options for the theme of the images, including everything from seasonally appropriate landscapes and sci-fi inspired designs. You can also upload and share your own images with other users.

The interface for this app is basic, yet intuitive and functional. It allows you to choose the image or set of images … Read more