Vringo sues ZTE for alleged patent infringement

Vringo, a company that offers ringtones, but has increasingly relied on licensing its patent portfolio, is the latest to take aim at ZTE.

The company announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese telecommunications equipment company, saying that it has violated three of its patents. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in the U.K. High Court of Justice, Chancery Division Patents Court, Vringo alleges that ZTE's cellular network technologies, as well as its GSM/UMTS multimode wireless handsets, are violating its patents.

ZTE has suffered through an awfully tough day. In addition to getting … Read more

Vringo video ringtone app pops into Android Market

Vringo isn't one to let its video ringtone application languish in beta. After about a month and a half after Android users could begin playing around with the beta, the Vringo app for Android (story) has popped into the Android market.

Unlike the standard ringtone concept, where you assign the ditty you hear every time a certain contact phones you, with Vringo, you select the media that plays on your buddy's handset. In other words, when you call a friend who also has Vringo installed, they'll see the video ringtone you've chosen to represent you. Think … Read more

Send a video ringtone from your Android phone

Like most mobile platforms, Android phones can assign ringtones to incoming calls. What the platform can't do on its own is let callers choose their own favorite ringtones to play when calling a friend. Vringo for Android is a beta application that can do that. What's more, it makes this self-chosen ringtone a video ringtone, which is immensely cooler.

Vringo got its start on Java feature phones, and now works on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian, too. Here's the premise--you sign up for an account and choose one or more video ringtones, or "vringos," to … Read more

Vringo 2.0 expands to Symbian, more Java phones

Last month we took a look at Vringo Mobile Application 2.0, a downloadable application that lets you choose your own signature video ringtone for other Vringo users to see when you call them. Back then, it was severely limited to Sony Ericsson phones. On Tuesday, Vringo let it be known that Vringo 2.0 will also now also available for Java-enabled handsets, and for a wider variety of Symbian phones.

Among the most significant changes to Vringo's made-over mobile application are thumbnail images that let you see a tiny still of a video you might be interested in … Read more

First Look video: Watch Vringo in action

In case you missed our news yesterday about the release of Vringo 2.0 Mobile Application, we created a little video to show you the app in action.

Vringo's free video-ringtone service lets you customize what your other Vringo-registered friends see on their screens when you call.

Although it's only available right now for Sony Ericsson handsets, all you other Java- and Symbian-phone owners will want to pay attention, because version 2.0 is said to be headed your way by the end of January.

The next-level ringtone

It's easy to appreciate Vringo's reshaping of the classic ringtone from an audio clip the recipient attaches to an inbound call, to a short video clip that the sender wants played. The result is a fun, social service for self-expression on the cell phone. Vringo's Java application lets you manage on the mobile phone what you would otherwise have to tweak online--from previewing and setting new video ringtones (vringos, in the lingo) to sharing vringos in your collection with friends. As a bonus, you'll be able to upload videos from your mobile phone into Vringo's … Read more

Vringo 2.0: Crisper video-ringtone quality, UI

Vringo's video-ringtone service has been on our radar for well over a year, and the company's fun and unusual product is just getting better and better. The release of Vringo Mobile Application 2.0, with its full-featured client for Java phones, makes up for the slight disappointment of the online video-ringtone-creation studio.

Vringo capitalizes on the fever of personalized media by letting you create a video ringtone that others see when you call them--so long as they're Vringo users, too*. When another Vringo user calls you, you'll see the ringtone they selected for themselves.

Giving people … Read more

Vringo adds video ringtone creator

Video ringtone company Vringo has launched Vringo Studio, which gives user the capability to create their own video calling cards. Previously, users could only select from a pre-built library of videos on the site. With the new Vringo Studio, users can search for any video on YouTube, select a portion of it up to 30 seconds long, and send it to their phone, where it can become their outbound ringtone for other Vringo users.

The Vringo.com main site also supports the creation of custom video ringtones, and from sources other than YouTube, including videos on a user's computer. … Read more

Vringo lands first carrier-led video ringtone service

Vringo, a company that offers an application that can take video, images, and slideshows and turn those into a personalized ringtone experience, announced that it has signed an agreement with Turkish mobile carrier Avea, to bring the company's video ringtone service to Turkey. The deal puts in place the first carrier-led video ringtone subscription model in the world.

Vringo plans to launch its service on Avea with a 60-day free trial, followed by a monthly subscription fee. For added revenue, the company will also sell pay-per-clip video ringtones for those who aren't satisfied with the company's library … Read more

Vringo Facebook: Photo caller ID the easy way

I'm pretty excited about Vringo's new Facebook app for a number of reasons. First, I'm a big fan of Vringo's video caller ID service, which lets users choose a video ringtone (vringo) that plays on their friends' phone when they initiate a call to said friend. Second, this new app carries Vringo's concept of personalizing the moment of phone-to-phone contact by syncing your address book with your friends' Facebook profile photos.

It takes about 5 minutes and quite a few steps to set up the service, but the directions are clear and fairly straightforward. You … Read more