If the VW Golf GTI isn't enough, you have issues.

Ah, hope. Hope's a good thing; it primes you to expect the best outcome you can imagine. It sets you down a mental path that, until zero hour, is filled with happiness, lights and smiles. A person will hope their birthday party will be awesome, they'll hope they have a productive day at work that leads to untold praise and riches, they may even hope that one day someone'll make a pre-packaged sandwich that doesn't taste like cardboard. They may even hope that one day they'll be zooming around in a sports car, carefree and … Read more

Profile: Golf GTI

The seventh-generation GTI is a very grown-up car: fast, refined, sure-footed. It will no doubt be reliable and headache-free to own. But I can't help thinking that it lacks the pizazz of the first-generation GTI, and I think I know why.

The original GTI wasn't built because Volkswagen had a reputation to live up to, or because a product planner decided a GTI model would sell. In fact, almost the opposite is true: in the early '70s Volkswagen was known only for rather old-fashioned air-cooled machinery with no sporting pretensions whatsoever. The GTI was pieced together by a … Read more

VW uses algorithm to create perfect Super Bowl ad

Please take a look at America, America.

This is who you are, what you are, and how you want to be seen. On Super Bowl Sunday, that is.

Volkswagen isn't entirely confident that it can spontaneously muster up true Super Bowl Americana. So it got its engineering minds together to create an algorithm that could create the perfect Super Bowl teaser spot.

It is, in truth, one of the greatest Super Bowl teaser spots ever made.

Everything is here.

Groin hits and Carmen Electra. Babies and puppies. Burgers, bikinis, and muscle men, hashtags and strange costumes galore.

There's … Read more

Turn On, Tune In, Plug In: Electric Beetle Driven

Liquorice-thin steering wheel rim? That's definitely there, present and correct in all its cream-coloured glory. A bit of a squeeze to get around it perhaps, but it really looks the part. The gear lever too looks standard, complete with its mushroom-shaped gear knob.

It can't be the seats -- those feel great too, if not as supportive as modern ones. The painted metal dash still gleams as it should, and there's still that slight feeling of claustrophobia in the narrow cabin. The close windscreen doesn't help, but there's a great view over that humped bonnet … Read more

Diesel is the new green

For diesel fans in the U.S., it must seem like Christmas. Audi has been heavily marketing its diesel engines, and other automakers have joined the bandwagon. The surge in diesel passenger car availability comes from customer interest in high mileage vehicles, and new technologies that clean diesel emissions. Diesels do particularly well on the highway, so if your commute involves a lot of medium- to high-speed driving over long distances, check out these cars to see if one fits your needs. … Read more

12 must-see videos from the Frankfurt auto show

Our coverage of the 2013 Frankfurt auto show is just about wrapping up. Some of the highlights included the 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder making a brilliant, record-breaking debut, BMW bringing back some serious sporty intentions with the 4 Series, and Nissan unveiling one of its newest concepts, a smartwatch. And while cars, both production and concept, were the obvious main attraction, nothing could prepare us for Smart's electric bicycle.

Join us on a video tour of some of the hottest sights from the show.

Volkswagen Golf R is more powerful, more efficient than ever

FRANKFURT -- It's been a while since I've gotten excited about any variation of the Volkswagen Golf, but the latest version of the highest-performance Golf R revealed at the 2013 International Motor Show in Frankfurt has captured my attention.

The new R is powered by the newest version of VW's 2.0-liter TSI engine (internally known as the EA888), but with even more power than the mill found in the GTI. Output is rated at 296 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. That's a significant power bump over the previous-generation Golf R.

Further distinguishing itself from … Read more

VW Scirocco R: The car that makes you feel dangerous

After getting behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Scirocco R, I realized I had been using the term "hot hatch" all wrong. For years, I had applied it to the VW GTI, the Mazdaspeed3, and the Ford Focus ST. Those cars drive great, and would seem to check the right hot hatch boxes: front-wheel-drive, hatchback body, turbo-charged engines.

But they all lack an ineffable, nefarious note.

The Scirocco R not only had the technical elements of the aforementioned cars, but it also gave me a feeling that I was up to no good. The low roofline, wide rear … Read more

The new VW Golf is a perfect evolution of the species

The Volkswagen Golf is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic cars ever made. For nearly four decades it's been bimbling around our roads ferrying families, middle managers, new drivers, and pretty much anyone, actually, to their destinations.

It launched in 1974 as a successor to the Volkswagen Beetle. The Bug's rear-engine/RWD setup wasn't the most reliable of things, and consumers wanted something that was more likely to, erm, work. Using FWD know-how from recently acquired Audi, VW set to work designing its new do-all motor, the Golf.

It had to look good, carry things, … Read more