Phone Amego for Mac review

Phone Amego for Mac sits on your menu bar and interacts with your phone for a number of functions, monitoring and controlling calls, blocking unwanted callers, doing Web reverse lookups, and setting calendars. It works well and proves useful, but doesn't support Wi-Fi.


Intuitive interface: Configuring Phone Amego for Mac does not take long. Everything is clearly presented on the application's different panes. Setting your communication logging parameters, for instance, is as easy as ticking check boxes.

Works with AppleScript: You can use AppleScript to automate your interaction with connected phones, which means you can place calls … Read more

Voicemail+ app brings visual voicemail, text transcription to the iPhone, but it'll cost you

The brand new Voicemail+ app, launching for the iPhone in the UK today and in the US later this year, brings text transcription, emailed voicemail receipts and push notifications, and it matches your messages to your contacts.

Once you've installed the app, you can begin your free 14-day trial -- if you want its voicemail services after that period, you’ll have to pay £2.99 (roughly $5) for 1 month, £6.99 ($11.50) for 3 months, £10.99 ($18) for 6 months or £19.99 ($33) for 12 months, which is pricey when … Read more

How to work around Straight Talk's visual voice mail limitation

As I mentioned in my recent post comparing no-contract iPhone options, last month I ditched AT&T in favor of Straight Talk, which gives me more or less the same exact service for considerably less money.

Just one problem: Straight Talk doesn't support visual voice mail. In fact, on my iPhone 4S, I receive no notification whatsoever that new messages are waiting for me. It's not often an issue, but the last thing I want is to miss an important message from a work contact or family member.

I immediately thought of YouMail, a visual voice mail … Read more

Callism wants to change the way you make phone calls

The App Store has no shortage of Phone applications. From Skype to Viber to WhatsApp, and even Line, there are many ways to make a voice call. But all of these services each promote their own third-party services over the regular calling and messaging functions of the iPhone. What if you wanted to use the calling plan that you already paid for? In comes Callism, an app aiming to make it easier for you to use the long-forgotten primary function of your iPhone -- making a call.

The app is not just offering a new service for making calls, but … Read more

T-Mobile said to provide LTE on unlocked iPhones on April 5

Unlocked iPhone 5 owners on T-Mobile's network might be able to update their devices to LTE a bit earlier than expected. According to TmoNews, the carrier is said to be sending out an update on April 5 that will enable LTE, Visual Voicemail, and more.

"The T-Mobile Carrier Update is a minor iOS software update that enables official iPhone support by T-Mobile," a notice sent to TmoNews says. "When installed, the software update enables a handful of capabilities like Visual Voicemail, MMS Settings, and Network/Device optimizations that customers do not have access to today. On … Read more

Facebook updates iOS app with voice mail, video, and more

Facebook updated its main iOS mobile app today, adding voice mail and video-recording capabilities as well as Nearby listings based on what you like.

Nearby, which got bit of a face lift in December, will now show a list of local businesses and landmarks based on your interests, according to Facebook, in addition to what your friends have liked, checked-in, or rated.

The network rolled out the voice mail function on its Messenger app earlier this month, so it's not surprising to see it make its way to the main app. Facebook added this function as well as the … Read more

Text and call for free with Libon

Libon is a communications app that lets you make free calls and texts with other Libon users, create custom greetings, and offers a subscription service that unlocks certain features, but gives you limited talk time.

Like popular chat app Whatsapp Messenger, Libon lets you chat with other friends who have the app, but you also have the ability to make free calls to other Libon users with HD-quality sound.

Main features Upon launch, you'll see the app's home screen with icons for seeing the latest notifications, your contact list, your recorded greetings, a call button, and a write … Read more

Facebook tests VoIP, adds voice mail-like service

iPhone users in Canada can now use Facebook to make voice calls, the social network revealed today.

The company is testing the ability to make VoIP calls -- the same service Skype provides -- using its Messenger app. Those in Canada can start a call with a contact by tapping the "i" button in the top right corner and hit "Free Call." Users will have to update the app to the version available today to use the feature and the voice call uses existing data plans.

While Canadians can experience actual voice calls, Facebook is giving … Read more

The 404 1,124: Where techies never say die (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 show:

- Nokia's Lumia 920 packed with cutting-edge features.

- CNET Update: Nokia Lumia shows off new camera tricks.

- Wirelessly charge your new Nokia phone via Qi technology.

- Eurocom launching mobile phone approved by rabbis.

- Is this the death of voice mail?

- E-mail will never die: The man who invented it reveals why.… Read more

Is this the death of voice mail?

Whenever cultural behavior changes, we cast a wistful eye or simply don't notice.

So today's question is: Do you bother to leave voice mails any more? And when people leave them on your phone, do you bother listening to the message, or do you just see who called and then call them back?

I'm not prying -- any more than usual. I'm just wondering if the evidence presented today by Vonage might conceivably be true.

According to USA Today, Vonage has declared that humanity just can't be bothered with all that voice mail nonsense any more.… Read more