Bitstrips Viewer review

Bitstrips Viewer promises to show you Bitstrip images that are posted on Twitter or Facebook and make it easy for you to share them, but all it does is feature an image gallery. Considering that there is an official Bitstrips app that lets you design cartoon versions of yourself and your friends and share them through social media, this feels like a pointless app.


Features an image gallery: Bitstrips Viewer includes a score of cartoons from unknown sources that you can easily browse by swiping to the right or left. All of them seem to have been made with … Read more

Zoner Photo Studio review

Zoner Photo Studio succeeds at being a one-stop solution for photographers, providing a wide set of accessible editing tools. It lets you use GPS data on maps, easily create slideshows, calendars, or Web galleries, and share your creations on popular sites like Facebook and Flickr.


Well featured: Zoner Photo Studio's tools well exceed those available in Adobe Lightroom but do not offer the full-blown capabilities of Photoshop or GIMP. Notable features are the clone stamp and healing tools, magnetic lasso, integrated HDR processing, text and shape layers (sadly layers cannot be retained and have to be flattened), many … Read more

Coolutils Photo Viewer review

Coolutils Photo Viewer is a convenient tool for viewing, organizing, and sorting your photos on your desktop, and then exporting them. Import all of your photos into the app, pick out the best ones, and then send them to Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, and Twitter, or via email.

This app has an intuitive interface, with a menu on the side to let you choose where to import photos from. Across the top of the screen are several more options, including whether you want to view the photos in a list or as thumbnails. The thumbnails are large and clear, so you … Read more

Docs Viewer review

Docs Viewer is fine if all you need is to view Office documents, but it has some very bizarre design quirks. When there are other Office apps that let you edit any kind of document in addition to viewing it, it's very strange that this app doesn't offer more. It might still work for you if you're limited on space and need to view a file, though.

This app lets you view any file saved in the usual Office formats, including PowerPoints, Excel spreadsheets, and, of course, Word documents. It's limited to just those formats and … Read more

File Viewer for Mac review

File Viewer for Mac is an excellent tool to conveniently view any type of file on your Mac OS X, from texts to multimedia content. For files that can't be viewed, the software displays useful information about the file and goes online to find the right program to facilitate file viewing.


Intuitive and convenient interface: The ability to drag and drop files to File Viewer for Mac makes for a convenient and intuitive user experience. It's also very convenient that you don't need to use a separate video or audio player to preview multimedia files.

Get … Read more

Cookie Viewer review

Cookie Viewer lets you see what cookies are on your computer, when they were created, and when they expire, along with other useful data. With this app in place, you'll never have to wonder what cookies could be lurking on your computer, and you can easily remove any that you choose.

The interface for this app is not flashy, but it gets the job done. There is also a Help feature that contains a lot of good information and can really give you an idea of how to get the most out of the program. When you're ready … Read more

Review: PDF-XChange Viewer lets you view and save files in PDF format

PDF-XChange Viewer provides a host of useful features to go along with superior functionality in letting you view and mark up PDFs with ease. The software will open PDFs saved on your computer or you can download them directly with the app. Navigating the PDF once its open is straightforward, as well, and there are many navigation and editing tools available on the toolbar across the top of the window.

The interface of this app provides a lot of versatility without over-complicating the layout. Just about every tool you need for marking up and viewing your PDF is displayed at … Read more

Review: PhotoScape X for Mac is a solid replacement for built-in photo viewing apps

PhotoScape X for Mac is a photo viewing and editing tool for Mac that provides many of the same tools as iPhoto, but in a separate interface that was often faster in our tests than the native app. While not as feature rich or as integrated with OS X as Apple's native photo viewer, PhotoScape X offers a suite of tools that makes photo viewing much easier.

Installation of PhotoScape X took only a few moments and the app loaded immediately. After setting the theme and switching to the photo viewer, the app was able to load all of … Read more

Review: Create and edit PDFs with our favorite freeware, Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is one of the best free PDF tools available. It's a full-featured PDF solution that can open, edit, print, sign, and, yes, create fully compatible PDFs. It's fast, light, secure, and easy on system resources; yet it leaves nothing out. It integrates with context menus in Windows (XP to 8) as your default PDF tool, but Foxit Reader works alongside other PDF software, including Adobe Reader. But Foxit is no Adobe clone; in fact, many users prefer it to Adobe and other PDF programs, free or not. Recent updates to Foxit Reader 6 include improved support … Read more

Review: doctape Viewer centralizes document viewing and management on iOS

doctape Viewer is a multiformat file viewer that works with both local and cloud stored files on your iPhone. The result is a very well made, easy-to-use centralized tool that can access, save, and share just about any type of file you have on any of your cloud storage systems, all of it optimized for iOS 7 to run quickly and smoothly.

doctape doesn't require you to set up a new account when you first open it. Everything is stored locally, and while you do need to log in to each cloud service you plan on using, the process … Read more