The Holy Bible King James Version review

The Holy Bible King James Version is a full-featured app that provides access to the complete text of the King James Bible. Also included in the app are various resources to enhance bible study by placing topics in context and providing definitions or commentary.


Quick navigation: Through this app, you can select a specific book of the Old or New Testament to view the complete text, or you can search specific areas for keywords or topics. There is also a Messianic button that opens a window containing a long list of topics. Clicking on any of these brings up … Read more

Sharing is caring in Firefox for Android

On Tuesday, Mozilla released a major update to Firefox for Android, bringing over many of the sharing services from its older-brother desktop version.

Version 24 adds a Share menu that lets you add your most frequently-used sharing services like Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail for quick sharing. If you prefer a more physical approach, the new version also adds bump sharing, which lets you fist-bump your friends with other Android handsets to quickly send open tabs, news articles, or just about any page from the Web. This works via Near Field Communications technology so both devices must have an NFC chip.… Read more

Review: Password Safe - iPassSafe Free Version is streamlined and efficient

Password Safe - iPassSafe Free Version is a finely-made, easy-to-navigate vault for your passwords, credit cards, bank account numbers, and anything else you need to keep confidential on the go. While the security to protect this information isn't significantly more sophisticated than the pin on your iPhone, it does add a nice extra layer of protection and the interface to add and access stored information is very easy to use.

Upon setup, you will enter the starting code to start adding new numbers and passwords. We recommend you change your pin number before entering any of your data. The … Read more

Review: ColorBox provides dozens of composition options

ColorBox is an ambitious app with a huge collection of writing implements, but without animations, a clearly-labeled interface or menus, it is unnecessarily hard to use. What ColorBox does well is to create a tool in which you can write nearly anything in any style or color you want, which for many people will be enough to overlook the glaring omissions in the app.

When you first open ColorBox, you can see at a glance just how many options there are. Tap any of the tabs on the left side of the screen and you can choose from one of … Read more

Google I/O news roundup

CNET Update keeps it brief:

It took Google about three hours to deliver the keynote address at its I/O developers conference. But in this episode of Update, I sum up what you need to know in under three minutes.

More on the announcements from Google I/O 2013:

- Google Music adds All Access streaming music (hands-on)

- Google Play adds cloud saves, leaderboards, matchmaking

- Google+ gives photo lovers what Facebook doesn't

- Google Now voice search arriving on the desktop

- Google previews next version of Maps for Android, iOS

- Google revamps Maps with 3D, cards, social searchRead more

Review: Show song lyrics and cover art in iTunes with Cover Version for Mac

Frequent iTunes users may want a way to better display cover art and track information. Cover Version for Mac attempts to add information beyond the default iTunes display, but does not provide a stable user experience and ultimately fails to deliver.

Cover Version for Mac offers a free plug-in for the iTunes software. After downloading, the user must click and drag the application into the plug-ins folder. Unfortunately, there is no installer to do this for the user. While the application preferences menu lists support for updates, there did not appear to be any additional user technical support available. Once … Read more

Skype 6.2 arrives for Windows, Mac

Microsoft's Skype team today rolled out two new updates, both labeled as version 6.2, for Windows and Mac.

The Windows version includes a redesigned top toolbar that brings together main actions, like calling phones, creating groups, and adding contacts. It also includes "eGifting," or the ability to send Skype credits to users on their birthday which the recipients can use anytime.

Another feature in the Skype 6.2 for Windows release includes the option to send an instant message using ctrl+enter. This version drops support for PCs using Intel Pentium 3 or similar CPUs which … Read more

Pinterest rolls out revamped iPhone and iPad app

Pinterest spruced up its iOS app today to make scrolling, pin management, and deleting comments easier.

"We've made a few tweaks behind the scenes so scrolling is smoother when you're going through pins," the pinning social network wrote in a blog post today. "We also added some features to make it easier to manage your pins."

Version 2.2 of the iPhone and iPad app focuses on making it simpler for users to edit their pins. Not only can users scroll through pins faster, but they can also update pin descriptions, change board locations, … Read more

Microsoft pushes Office subscriptions

Tuesday's CNET Update doesn't need another yearly fee:

Microsoft Office 2013 comes in several flavors, so today's show breaks down what you need to know about upgrading. A single copy of Office 2013 with the basic programs costs $140. But Microsoft is pushing a new yearly subscription version called Office 365. The $100 yearly fee brings regular updates, as well as bonus cloud storage space and free calling time on Skype. The fee also gives customers the option to download Office on five computers.

Also in the news:

- Apple announced it will offer a 128GB iPad on February 5, … Read more

Fix up and share your Android snapshots with FotoFlexer Free

You're probably tired of transferring your digital snapshots from your phone to your PC or laptop just to edit them or apply effects before saving and sharing them. If you have an Android device, you can fix your pics on the fly -- and fix them up with cool effects, too. The app FotoFlexer provides an easy way to crop, correct, resize, and edit your images via your camera, galleries, or Web albums. It also makes it incredibly easy to apply all kinds of special effects to your pictures; everything from negatives to sepia to neon and pop art. … Read more