VueMinder Lite USB review

VueMinder Lite USB is a free calendar program that doesn't require installation. It looks good and offers all the features you'd want to stay organized and on time.

You'll have to extract VueMinder Lite USB's executable file from the ZIP file it comes in. When you first open it, you'll be prompted to upgrade to the Pro version, but you can opt out of that. Then just click the tiny calendar icon in your taskbar to view your calendar. The interface is polished and professional, with a standard File menu and toolbar at the top … Read more

ImageUSB review

ImageUSB lets you write copies of an image or images to multiple USB drives at once, letting you back up files and duplicate them with ease. Several image file formats are supported, including BIN, IMG, and ISO.


Good interface: All features of the program are accessible through the clearly-presented main interface. The app walks you through the process of creating and writing the selected files step by step, including selecting drives, specifying whether you want to write or create an image, selecting the image, and then completing the writing process. There is also an output log where you can … Read more

ImageUSB review

ImageUSB gives you the ability to write an image to or from one or more USB drives simultaneously, so you can back up files quickly. Produce backups whenever you need them, and never worry about losing an image again regardless of whether you're a beginner to using this type of program, or an experienced user.

The app installs very quickly, and as soon as you open it, you're ready to go. The intuitive interface is set up well to guide you through the process of creating your image copies in a step-by-step way. If you feel like you … Read more

If at first you don't succeed, try the new wireless USB

The computing industry wants to make it easier to back up your data and sync your smartphone without having to rely on an actual cable.

Specifically, the standards body behind the USB standard is trying a second time to introduce a wireless variation of the connection technology to devices like PCs, phones, and cameras.

USB has been wildly successful, spreading from every computer, printer, and digital camera to mobile phones, TVs, cars, and programmable Lego controllers. In contrast, a standard called Wireless USB that hit the market in 2007 was wildly unsuccessful.

Now the USB Implementers Forum is trying again … Read more

Mophie Space Pack, hands-on: An iPhone case with battery and extra storage, too

The two biggest problems plaguing most iPhone owners are the twin desires for more battery life and more storage space -- at least, those are my top two. What if you could kill both birds with one not-too-heavy accessory?

The Mophie Space Pack does, indeed, offer up both: a full-charge battery case, with 16 or 32GB of extra flash storage thrown right in. Sound like the best iPhone-as-camera accessory ever made? It very nearly is, if you can accept a high price and some limitations.

The Space Pack looks and performs like Mophie's other iPhone 5/5S battery-pack cases: … Read more

Fund this? An expandable storage backpack for your Android phone

Much as I like my new Moto X smartphone from Republic Wireless (read all about my latest experiences), it does have one rather irksome limitation: just 16GB of onboard storage.

Thankfully, the Moto is among the Android phones that support USB On-The-Go (OTG), meaning I can plug in an external-storage device like the Meenova or PKparis K'2. (I'm currently testing both, so stay tuned for some hands-on coverage.)

Alas, products like these protrude from the bottom of the phone, which is both inelegant and risky: one accidental bump and I could permanently damage the Moto's Micro-USB port (… Read more

USB Show review

USB Show apparently recovers files lost or hidden due to a virus or malware on USB drives, but it's hampered by a garbled English translation that creates confusion about what this portable freeware is, what it does, and how it does it. Documentation provided by the publisher says it lets you "view the files, which by some virus or person were hidden." We applied it to hidden files on a USB thumb drive and our system, but USB Show didn't unhide them.

We extracted USB Show and clicked the program, which opened with its user interface … Read more

How to tell if your Android phone or tablet supports USB On-The-Go

One of the chief benefits of Android is its support for add-on storage, yet surprisingly few of the latest Android smartphones and tablets include a microSD slot. My new Moto X, for example -- no slot.

The good news is that the operating system can still access external storage (as well as various external devices like keyboards and game controllers). The bad news is that not all devices come with the necessary hardware and drivers for this USB On-The-Go (OTG) capability. So how can you determine if yours does?

The fastest and most effective solution by far is to install … Read more

Audioengine's mighty midget digital converter/headphone amplifier does the job

Audioengine is one of those rare companies that gets it right every time. Its desktop speakers excel in a very crowded, highly competitive field, and its digital converters are also strong performers.

Audioengine's latest release, the tiny USB-powered D3 digital converter, continues that tradition. The aluminum body feels nice and solid, and its digital converter can accept 24-bit/192KHz audio. The headphone amplifier works with low- and high-impedance headphones. Alternatively, you can run a set of powered desktop speakers, such as Audioengine A2+s or A5+s, directly from the D3's headphone jack.

The D3 was designed to … Read more

Get a 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive for $23.99

Flash drives are little more than external solid-state drives. Consequently, they're awesome for expanding the available storage on devices like Ultrabooks, hybrid PCs, tablets, and even smartphones (by way of USB To Go).

For example, if you snagged one of those $169 or $179 Surface RT tablets the other day, you'll quickly find that only about half of its 32GB of storage is actually accessible. (Boo, Microsoft. Booooo!) Easy fix: pop in a flash drive.

Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Newegg has the Patriot Supersonic Pulse 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive for $23.99, … Read more