System CheckUp review

System CheckUp gives you the tools to keep your PC running smoothly by scanning for errors and removing problem files. The app's intuitive interface makes deciding what to scan and what to remove as clear as possible, so users of all experience levels can be comfortable using the program.


Nice interface: The interface of this app features clear explanations for each Menu item. It also explains what it's scanning as it goes. No matter how experienced you are with this type of program, you'll feel confident you understand what's going on.

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TuneUp Battery & Task Manager review

AVG's TuneUp Battery & Task Manager gives your smartphone or tablet a performance boost and helps you save disk space and extend your battery life, but it requires you to perform many actions manually. This app doesn't automatically fine-tune your device with a single tap, nor does it provide enough system optimization and management features to satisfy geeks. Still, for most users it can prove useful.

TuneUp Battery & Task Manager downloads and installs before you can say antidisestablishmentarianism. It greets you with a straightforward interface, through which you can kill tasks and processes, check the condition of … Read more

Disk BoostUp for Mac review

Disk BoostUp for Mac only partially lives up to its claim of addressing sluggish performance, restoring responsiveness, and maintaining fast startup times. It's a useful but not indispensable app.


Eases the process of correcting permission conflicts: Disk BoostUp for Mac can fix permission problems in no time, requiring only a few clicks, and easing a process that otherwise requires several steps.

Light and easy to use: The installer weighs only 1.46MB. The application launches very quickly. All you need to do to put this app to work is click on the "Scan and Fix" button.… Read more

AVG PC TuneUp Review


One-click maintenance: AVG PC TuneUp's initial setup is streamlined. There's really no room for error, since one-click optimization is the first option you see, giving a clear impression that PC TuneUp is hassle free.

Control: When AVG PC TuneUp discovers issues, it presents them in a pop-up window that lets you control which files to clean and which to delete. Highlight a file to reveal a short description of what it is and what it does to your Windows PC.

Clean design: PC TuneUp clearly shows you its process, from Registry scanning to defragmentation analysis. Though it … Read more

Dog Dress Up review

Dog Dress Up features four different dogs and all kinds of fun clothing and accessories kids can use to create the perfect look. They can experiment with different glasses, shirts, shoes, and even backgrounds, and then share the final product on Facebook, or via e-mail or SMS.

This app has a straightforward and attractive interface that's no problem for kids to work with. There are quite a few pop-up ads, though, which take away from the user experience a bit. When the app first opens, there is a short introduction that you can skip if you want. It features … Read more

Crave Ep. 151: Neil Young's Pono dreams soon to come true

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Neil Young's PonoMusic service blew past its Kickstarter fundraising goal in one day. Are FLAC files the next wave in music? We also hear some jams from a cyborg drummer on Earth, and wake up to the sweet smells and sounds of the Bacon Alarm. Read more

Meet the motorized PowerUp Series II desk

In today's always-on, super-connected workplace it's harder than ever to get out of that chair and simply take a break. Worse, sitting for hours at a stretch not only doesn't burn many calories, it might even be a serious health risk. The problem is standing all day at the office is a big commitment and frankly it's a relief to kick your feet up once in a while. Don't worry though, the $899 UpDesk PowerUps Series II motorized desk gives you the option to sit when you want and stand when you should.

Design and … Read more

New HTC One sees double with two rear cameras

CNET Update is double the fun:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn the purpose of the two backside cameras on the new HTC One, according to a flier published by GSM Arena.

- Keep up with the streaming radio race to see which services are more popular in the U.S.

- Pair a Jawbone Up24 fitness bracelet with an Android phone for the first time.

- Update the original Kindle Paperwhite to get the software perks of the second-generation model.

- Broadcast your Titanfall battle (or any other game) with the Twitch app for Xbox One.

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Better late than never for Facebook's updated newsfeed

A newsfeed update more than 365 days in the making:

In this episode of Update:

-- Facebook finally rolls out newsfeed redesign

-- "Shaq-Fu" sequel that no one ever asked for

-- Drop a pretty penny on a new Samsung Tabpro

-- Jawbone Up24 apps

-- Wello case is your new doctor

-- Evernote opens up to handwriting

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, and what's ahead. Subscribe to the podcast via the links below. … Read more