WinRAR (32-bit) review

WinRAR (32-bit) is a convenient utility program that lets you open compressed files or create your own new archives with just a few clicks. This streamlined and efficient program accomplishes everything you'd expect with no hassle through an intuitive and clean interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.


Sleek and speedy: This app does exactly what you want it to do, and it does it very quickly. When accessed through WinRAR, compressed files open just like any other folder would. And when you want to create your own archive, the process is just as streamlined.… Read more

WinRAR (64-bit) review

WinRAR (64-bit) allows you to open, create, and manage various types of compressed files through its intuitive and streamlined interface. This program offers a full set of features for manipulating and managing compressed files, and it works smoothly and efficiently.


Intuitive interface: When you attempt to open a ZIP or RAR file, this app automatically takes over and presents the contents of the compressed file, so that you can immediately access them. From this main interface window, you can then manage the archive by adding to it, repairing it, or protecting it, all using the tools readily available across … Read more

WinZip Self-Extractor review

WinZip Self-Extractor is a program that guides you through the process of creating both regular self-extracting Zip files and specialized ones for software distribution. With this program, you won't have to worry about the person you're sharing files with having the appropriate software to open them.


Clear walkthrough: This app makes it possible for even inexperienced users to complete what is a pretty complicated process by walking you through it step by step. Each screen contains clear instructions about what you need to do and why you're doing it, and tips help new users make the … Read more

Review: Take ZIP tools to a new level with WinZip 18

WinZip has long been a go-to ZIP tool, so we were keen to try the all-new WinZip 18. It's much more than a cosmetic upgrade: A new compression engine zips, splits, and joins files faster than legacy versions, though of course WinZip still handles virtually any archive file type. It converts files to PDFs, adds watermarks, resizes photos, manages archives, and protects files with 128/256 bit encryption. Improved cloud navigation smoothly integrates WinZip with many more cloud services, including Box, Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive, and Google Drive. Cloud Links adds links to files via e-mail, IM, and social media. … Read more

Review: UnZip requires you to use a browser you probably don't already use

UnZip operates as a powerful compression utility, but it will only work for a small number of users. This isn't an app in the traditional sense, but an add-on for the UCBrowser. If you happen to use this browser, this is a very worthwhile tool to have on hand.

You will need to have UCBrowser already installed before you add UnZip, but it's easy to add once you have the browser set up. UnZip is a great companion to the UCBrowser, fitting in perfectly with that browser's layout. It takes over from the download menu when you … Read more

Review: Automate all kinds of zip tasks with ZipNow

iSkySoft's ZipNow automates file compression tasks with easy-to-make scripts. Even elaborate, multistep processes can be triggered by a single click. For example, you can zip all of your work files at once and save them to your disk, and then move them to an online storage, and share or e-mail them to multiple recipients. No programming skills are required to create scripts in ZipNow: A wizard-based process handles each step. Once you've created scripts, ZipNow does the rest. This free zip tool handles the most popular file compression formats. ZipNow Version 2.1 incorporates various updates, including Windows … Read more

Express Zip Free Mac Compression Software for Mac 2.14 Review

Users working with large files need applications to compress them for sending over the Internet. Express Zip Free Mac Compression Software for Mac performs this function well, and also has additional useful features.

Available as freeware, Express Zip Free Mac Compression Software for Mac requires no payments to use. After download and installation, the user must accept a lengthy licensing agreement. After this is completed, the program brings up a window that allows download of additional programs, such as file converters for audio and video. The main application menu has few design features, but is functional. A help option that … Read more

Zip easy with Zip One Click Unzip

With so many free zip utilities, why would you want to pay for one that does much less than most of the others? We'll get to that in a moment, but first we'll note that Zip One Click Unzip is designed to make it as easy as possible for novices, technophobes, and infrequent users to zip and unzip files and folders. You merely have to double-click a zipped file or folder to unzip it, or select a file or folder from the program's ultra-simple interface to do the job. It's shareware that is free to try … Read more

Social archiving and zipping in the cloud

WinZip continues to push off last year's momentum with version 17 to persuade users that it remains significant in today's world of computing.

Much of what's under the hood remains solid and hasn't aged. The latest entry builds upon the 64-bit ZIP engine from 2011 by adding additional OpenCL support for multicore CPUs like Ivy Bridge and AMD Fusion. But in version 17, WinZip's redesigned ribbon interface and workflow takes the spotlight.

WinZip has opted to simplify the way users manage their archives with a redesigned ribbon. The language is easier to understand and bears … Read more

WinRAR is a winner

WinRAR is a lightweight, flexible, and easy-to-use archiving utility that can unpack most archive formats, as well as compress to both RAR and ZIP. Free to try for 40 days ($29 for single license), WinRAR is a top dog in the compression category.

WinRAR's interface is about as simple as it gets. Start creating (or add to) an archive by dragging and dropping your files into the interface or by browsing through the Folder Tree side panel (when enabled). From there, the most common functions are laid out in the form of colorful, mostly intuitive icons along the top, … Read more