UnityPDF review

UnityPDF gives you the tools to combine multiple PDFs into one file, or to split a single PDF into multiple files, with just a few clicks. With multiple options for customization, this app can carry out just about any type of merging or division you need.


Splitting options: When you're dividing up a PDF with UnityPDF, you have the option of using a Quick Split, which turns each page of the original document into its own file, or specifying page numbers for each new file. This lets you control exactly where you want each part of an existing … Read more

Unity CEO David Helgason foretells the future of gaming

Unity builds technology to help developers build games. At GDC 2014, I chatted with the CEO of Unity, David Helgason. The gaming innovator previewed some of the latest Unity 5 features that developers will be able to use, including improvements in lighting effects and audio mixing.

Games that use Unity:

Dead Trigger (Android)

Device 6 (iOS)

Unity's new weapon for devs: Porting games to Firefox

Mozilla has teamed up with Unity to run its games on the Web without plugins -- but with an add-on.

Announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the extension will ship later this year with the anticipated Unity 5.0. Powered by the Web graphics library WebGL and the JavaScript subset asm.js, the add-on update says more about game developers' faith in Firefox than anything else.

"We believe WebGL and asm.js will be driving the future of gaming on the Web. We're happy to see the platform mature and look forward to helping to … Read more

Samsung's acquisition list zeroes in on software -- report

Samsung's recent acquisition shopping list zeroes in on several software names, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

According to the paper, some of those possible targets have included Unity Technologies, a San Francisco-based gaming platform developer; Green Throttle Games, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company that makes game controllers and software that connects mobile devices to televisions; Israeli mobile search engine Everything.me; Israeli video-chat app maker Rounds; and location-sharing app Glympse of Seattle, Wash.

It's not clear from the report whether Samsung is still looking at any of the companies aside from Glympse. In … Read more

Google begins barring browser plug-ins from Chrome

In case it wasn't clear before, a Google decision has shown the writing is on the wall for plug-ins such as Java and Silverlight that for years have been used to extend what browsers can do.

Starting in January 2014, Google will ban all but the most widely used browser plug-ins in favor of programming methods that use standards built directly into the Web, Chrome security engineer Justin Schuh announced in a blog post Monday. And those plug-ins will be barred "over the coming year," he said.

Most Chrome plug-ins (not to be confused with the lighter-weight … Read more

Facebook gets its hooks into 3D Web and mobile games

Facebook is hoping to infiltrate the world of 3D gaming through a partnership with game engine Unity.

Wednesday, the social network is releasing a new cross-platform software development kit for Unity with tools that let game makers easily incorporate Facebook tie-ins into the core games -- the genre of action, adventure, and first-person shooter games often found on consoles -- that they make for Web, iOS, and Android. The tools include plug-and-play social hooks, like an option to let users post stories back to Facebook or invite their friends, and provide this class of game developer with ways to expand … Read more

Drop: Minecraft creator's new Web game

Inspired by Terry Cavanaugh's Hexagon franchise, the ending of Fez, and his own apartment ceiling, Markus Persson, aka Notch, released a new Web game yesterday, in lieu of a contribution to this year's Ludum Dare competition. The game, titled Drop, puts you in a whirling representation of Notch's ceiling, where you must type the spinning letters in order, before the ceiling rushes up to crush you. Instead of frantically moving the arrow to find the path in Hexagon, you'll be typing words like "gnostic" and "journey" as fast as you can to … Read more

Unity Technologies extinguishes Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash has received a kick in the pants from yet another company.

Unity Technologies, which makes 3D video tools that allow developers to create Web-based games, announced Wednesday that it will no longer support Flash.

"We will keep the current Flash deployment feature set functioning throughout the Unity 4.x cycle and will include bug fixes made in upcoming Unity 4.x iterations," Unity CEO David Helgason said in a blog post Wednesday. "We do not plan, however, to make further significant investments in deployment to the platform."

In his blog, Helgason cited Adobe's … Read more

Crave Ep. 117: Escape from Earth to three newly discovered hospitable planets

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NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered new habitable planets, but don't pack up your house just yet. Plus, we take a first look at Fujitsu's FingerLink touch-based projection scanner, and Project Unity lets you play up to 18 classic video consoles in one box. … Read more

Play 15 classic consoles with one controller

It's called Project Unity, and it's been the labor of love for the modder known as Bacteria. It's taken three years and 3,500 hours of work, but it's finally done.

Unity houses the original circuit boards from 15 classic consoles, all powered by a single PSU and outputting via a single Scart cable.

Most clever of all is the single master gamepad designed by Bacteria. The controller actually takes a custom-built cartridge, which maps out the control interface for the required system. So, to play a PlayStation 2 game, for example, you plug the PS2 cartridge into the gamepad and it'll behave like the appropriate controller. … Read more