'Perfect' tortilla bowls at the touch of a button

Looks can be deceiving. The basic simplicity found in a tortilla in no way conveys its potential. Not until ingredients have been added does the humble tortilla reveal its genius. Whether they are folded or wrapped up, corn and flour tortillas can transform anything and everything into delicious tacos and burritos. Yet despite all this versatility, tortillas can do even more; it just takes a little prodding.

Coaxing new forms out of ingredients is nothing new, nor is it even new for tortillas. The Nostalgia Electrics TSM100 Tortilla Bowl Maker ($19.99) says that it lets you "make perfect … Read more

Consider the options with this Stove Top Fryer

Sometimes, the handiest gadget to have is one that doesn't even plug into the wall. While a dedicated fry station may be nice for some households, I just don't deep-fry enough to justify owning a deep fryer. Oh sure, they look cool and the ease-of-use is astounding (not to mention the inclusion of a very useful lid), but ultimately one is left with a unitasker. I'm guessing it would be hard to find alternate uses for a machine purely dedicated to the frying of foods. While that may be the case with (oh-so-tempting) deep fryers, it would … Read more

Rotating pizza oven keeps the pizza moving

I'm afraid the search will never end. The search for delicious pizza, that is. And why would I want it to end? As they say, "getting there is half the fun." But sometimes it isn't easy. While I may lament the selection of real pizzerias in my neck of the woods, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop searching anytime soon. However, as much as I enjoy the hunt, sometimes I am ready to settle for something known to be less than spectacular.

I'm talking about frozen pizza here. As delicious as "… Read more

Pretzel Rod Display Stand for your pretzel display needs

Who knew? Every once in a while I come across a kitchen item that completely baffles me. Usually it is some sort of Frankenstein creation that merges two common tasks into one unit. Another popular item to find, however, is an appliance that is dedicated to one task, and one task only. These devices are likely to be large and priced to attract would-be gift-givers, but ultimately they turn out to be mostly useless. But every now and again I stumble across something that just seems to arise out of a natural need.

The Pretzel Rod Display Stand is one … Read more

Battery-operated potato peeling with the Rotato Express

Whoever came up with this idea must really hate potato skins. To create a device so committed to the removal of skins from potatoes, one must truly hold a disdain for them. Perhaps that person would also be a fan of this dedicated apple peeler.

As a fan of a more rustic style of cooking, I personally opt to leave the potatoes in their jackets when boiling up a batch of mashed. It's not just the fact that I don't have to deal with the dreaded potato peeler, but the flavor and texture of potato skins is something … Read more