Artist infuses zombies into classic flicks

People just can't seem to get enough of flesh-eating zombies (or maybe it's the other way around). These days, the fantasy of a modern society fighting off zombies appears in nearly every medium of visual entertainment. Michigan-based artist Matt Busch takes this concept to a whole new level in his Hollywood is Dead series of classic movie posters featuring an undead twist.

How did it all begin? Four years ago, Lucasfilm asked Busch to create six versions of the classic "Star Wars" posters with a little zombie flair. "While they [Lucasfilm] spawned the initial idea, the real joy for me that keeps me doing them is my love for movie posters," Busch told Crave. "I'm such a fan of the classic artists like Drew Struzan and Bob Peak. So to be able to study their work up close is a lot of fun for me. And then, yeah, ripping it to a bloody mess by giving it the zombie treatment is a guilty pleasure, too."… Read more

TV hackers announce dead are rising

The dead are so hot right now. Teen romance "Warm Bodies" was No. 1 in the box office a week ago, and "The Walking Dead" just broke a basic cable record for the most watched show at 12.3 million viewers.

Amid this undead fervor, the fertile, tasty brains of Montana's residents have fallen foul of a hoax alerting them that the dead have risen.

The emergency broadcast system was "hacked" and viewers of the "Steve Wilkos Show" got more than just teen cheaters when alerted that "dead bodies are rising from their graves."… Read more

The Insta-Zombie Workout Plan

Like most folks, I've made "enthusiastic" commitments to be more resolute in staying healthy this year. Such crazy claims include getting off the buttocks and working out, eating healthy, and other life-changing nonsense. Recently, one of my friends started this diet called the TAO Diet, which stands for Ten and One. The premise is simple: You eat 10 salads and one meal of whatever you please. Then rinse and repeat.

I've come to realize that I'm an attention-seeking and easily distracted geek with a healthy track record of...falling off track. But rather than giving … Read more

Most addictive plant-eats-zombie game on the market

Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular games on the Windows, iPhone, and iPad platforms, and now it's on the Mac. The goal of Plants vs Zombies is to stop zombies from marching across your lawn or roof and eating you. To defend yourself you have to put various plants in their way, each plant having special skills. Plants vs Zombies installs easily.

The plants in Plants vs Zombies get laid out on a grid. Some plants shoot peas, which injure zombies, some plants eat zombies, and so on. There's about a dozen different plants that … Read more

The dead rise again!

Zombieville USA 2 is a side-scrolling arcade shooter that expands on the potential of the original Zombieville USA by adding tons of weapons, more unlockable content (including playable characters), and an upgradable skill system that makes for some fun RPG elements.

The gameplay has remained gratifyingly simple: you run from left to right, kill as many zombies as possible in 2.5 minutes (or longer, if you want to push your luck), and smash boxes and other objects for money and ammo. The RPG elements come in as you choose your buildout for each level, picking three weapons and three … Read more

Hack-and-slash excellence

Pocket RPG brings a fun and mindless dual-stick hack-and-slash adventure to the smaller Retina Display on the iPhone.

You start by choosing one of three character classes: Dark Ranger, Blade Master, or Battle Mage, each with a different fighting style and special moves. When you're done choosing according to your playing style, you'll be dropped into the first dungeon and will need to talk to the NPCs scattered about to learn the basics. From there, Pocket RPG is all about mindless hack-and-slash goodness, battling against swarms of enemies, and finding chests full of treasure, weapons, and items. As … Read more

Zombie Gunship: A game Sarah Palin would love

Fighting zombies on the ground is a sucker bet. I mean, they always outnumber you, and there's never enough ammo.

Plus, it's a level playing field, and that's the last thing you want when faced with relentless hordes of flesh-eaters. (Yes, I've thought this through.)

In Zombie Gunship, you take the high road--literally. You're the gunner for an AC-130 ground-attack aircraft. As the heavily armed weapon of undead destruction circles a bunker, you have to--make that get to--gun down the zombies before they reach the entrance.

Of course, humans are trying to get there, too, as it's the only safe place. So you can't just lay down fire willy-nilly; you must aim for the zombies and avoid hitting the humans.… Read more

iPhone apps for a very zombie Christmas

'Tis the season to put the smackdown on everybody's favorite brain-munching undead horde: zombies. Of course, now that AMC's incredible "The Walking Dead" has ended its first season, you'll need something to tide you over until the flesh-eaters rise again. Look no further than these three new iOS games:

Dead Rising Mobile It's the classic story: man travels to small town, discovers it's been overrun by zombies, and holes up in the local mall--where said zombies arrive in wave after wave. Dead Rising Mobile ($4.99) won't win any beauty contests, but it offers a few cool twists.

For one thing, you can pick up anything (frying pan, golf club, park bench) and use it as a weapon. Plus, it integrates with Facebook and Twitter to notify friends when you bite the dust--and lets them "revive" you. You can even appear as a "named zombie" in their version of the game.… Read more

Dual-stick zombie shooter

Aftermath is a challenging, top-down, zombie-themed arcade shooter with innovative dual-stick controls and a dread-inducing atmosphere.

Similar to other dual-stick shooters, you move around and fire with two touch-screen virtual joysticks, one under each thumb. What Aftermath does differently (and which greatly contributes to the game's tense, anxious feel) is that the left joystick controls movement while the right joystick just turns you left and right, letting you light up the otherwise dark, urban terrain with your handheld flashlight--and automatically using the weapon you're holding to "light up" any zombies in the field of your flashlight. … Read more

preGame 32: Fallout: New Vegas

Today on preGame, we'll brave the post-apocalyptic Mojave desert in search of the man who tried to kill us! Tune in as we try our luck with a demo of Fallout: New Vegas.

But first, Mark and Jeff reminisce about a console celebrating its 25th birthday this week. That's right, the original Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES for short) is a quarter-century old. We'll chat about the first time we remember firing up the system, cartridge blowing, and much more.

Making headlines this week are the top-selling video games of 2010 this far. There are a few … Read more