Unboxing the PlayStation 4

With the imminent release of the Sony PlayStation 4 console, we can now take a look inside the exact retail box that will be sitting on store shelves starting November 15 (if they're not all sold out, that is).

The box for this 500GB console measures 18.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep by 13 inches high, and weighs 9 pounds. The outside art includes characters from the Infamous and Assassin's Creed games, as well as the (delayed) Watch Dogs.

Inside the box, you'll find a more complete set of accessories than the PlayStation 3 originally … Read more

Episode 54: Saying goodbye to Always On

Always On is, undoubtedly, the most fun I've ever had in tech. And that's what I love the most about this show: it's been a celebration of all the ways that technology is truly a part of our everyday lives -- the good, the bad, the ugly, and occasionally the midair. I know we were best known for a sort of gleeful destructiveness, but the idea for the torture tests came directly from real-life stories and personal experience. And from your responses, dear audience, you've clearly had all the same kinds of experiences. (Well, maybe not … Read more

Episode 52: Unboxing the Martian Passport Watch

Smartwatches have been invading headlines around the world for the last year or two, causing quite a bit of a stir. From a startup's few million crowdfunded dollars to whether or not Apple will unveil its own connected wrist gadget, people are interested. It's taken us (and most everyone) longer than expected to get one of the new guys in house, but the time has finally come. Let the wrist buzzing begin.

First off, we take a look at the Martian Passport smartwatch. This planet-named bad boy sports some serious style, but at quite a bit of a … Read more

Episode 51: Drones and the S4 Active

We believe it won't be long until human civilization goes full "Fifth Element"-style and takes most everything to the skies (we know, those were just really tall buildings). While unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have been making headlines frequently over the last few years for a slew of negative reasons, they're also delivering pizzas in a very high-tech fashion. For this week's future tech, we visit the crew at 3D Robotics in Berkeley, Calif., to hear their take on the future of UAVs. Oh yeah, they give us a pretty stellar, Oculus Rift equipped … Read more

iPhone 5S gets unboxed early

Both of Apple's new iPhones don't hit stores until Friday, but apparently Christmas comes early in some places.

A forum user on Chinese site DGtle (via AppleInsider) has posted unboxing shots of both the silver and gold iPhone 5S models, and has lined up all five colors of the iPhone 5C as well.

There's not too much to glean here since the inside packaging looks identical to last year's iPhone 5. Curiously enough, the first photos of the iPhone 5's packaging were posted about the same time last year, just before launch (to the day). … Read more

Episode 50: A high-tech music venue plus the Lumia 1020

It's taken a little over a year for us to deliver 50 episodes. Through half a hundred episodes, we've BlackBerry'd the streets of Barcelona, dropped a boulder on a MacBook Pro, and dueled fitness bands in a high-altitude mud run. Not to mention the dozens of other unboxings, future techs, and road tests that have taken us to the techiest corners of the world. This episode continues our tradition and celebrates our golden anniversary with style.

First up, we head to Marin County to TRI Studios. This high-tech musician's playpen is the stomping grounds of Grateful … Read more

Episode 48: Are you ready for 4K TV?

Since Always On first started torture-testing gadgets over a year ago, the people have been calling for a television to go through the paces of destruction. Well, people, the time has come. While sparks are sure to fly in this much-anticipated torture test, we even have a TV-themed future tech and unboxing to boot.

First up, the crew journeys south to see what's brewing at Sony Pictures Studios. The answer is 4K...lots and lots of 4K. This technology turns your living room viewing experience into a night at the movies and even brings 50-year-old classic films back from … Read more

Episode 47: Galaxy S4 Mini takes a kicking

Always On is back for its fifth season! Yep, five seasons without a slouch. Let's just say it feels pretty awesome. We've only just begun story hunting, and we already have an impressive multitude of material. Rumor has it that drones, music festivals, and maybe even a TV torture test are in the mix for the next couple months. But let's get on with it!

This season jumps off with an unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It's funny how companies have taken to tacking the word "mini" on the back of phones … Read more

Xbox One gets early unboxing in new Microsoft video

Ever since Microsoft reversed controversial DRM and "always-on" policies back in June, the company has been promoting a sense of transparency in regard to Xbox One and information about the surrounding ecosystem.

This approach continues today with the release of an Xbox One unboxing video on Microsoft's Xbox Wire blog, nearly three months ahead of when people will be able to get their hands on one.… Read more

Episode 43: Unboxing the BlackBerry Q10

The past three weeks of Always On showcased the roles tech can play in your summer vacation. In some cases, we determined whether or not your tech can survive your summer vacation. Now this episode doesn't involve snapping photos of spinner dolphins, desert road tripping in a tricked-out RV, or fitness tracking through mud at an average of 8,150 feet of elevation. But just because we're finally back home in the Bay Area doesn't mean we took a break from turning our environment into a tech battleground.

We start things off with an unboxing of the … Read more