Ultra HD 4K TV Cheat Sheet

Ultra HD, colloquially known as "4K," is the latest buzzword, and the latest push from TV manufacturers.

While your next TV might not be Ultra HD, the one after probably will be.

Here are the basics of what you need to know about this latest advancement in TV technology.… Read more

Review: UltraCopier Portable efficiently copies, moves, or transfers files

UltraCopier Portable makes copying, moving, or transferring files from one location to another easier and more efficient than ever. With this app, you can back up files by making a copy in a different location, or you can transfer a file from one folder to another or from your computer to a USB device. The interface of this app is straightforward and functional, making it accessible for both beginning and experienced users.

Once you've installed UltraCopier Portable, you can access it from the task bar on the lower-right side of your screen. Just specify the file or files you … Read more

Samsung already looking beyond 2K display for smartphones?

According to recent chatter, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to debut with a 2,560x1,440-pixel AMOLED display.

At a upward of 560 pixels per inch, this "2K" resolution is unlike anything we've seen from Samsung. But as terrific as this sounds on paper, it pales in comparison to what's around the corner. Strap in, kids, Samsung's already working on an AMOLED UHD display capable of 3,480x2,160 pixels. In other words: 4K smartphones.

Samsung this week revealed (translate) at the Semiconductor and Display Technology Roadmap Seminar 2014 that these 4K smartphones with … Read more

Sony adds option to buy Xperia Z Ultra as a Wi-Fi-only 'tablet'

Sony officially has morphed its Xperia Z Ultra smartphone into a tablet.

Sporting a massive 6.4-inch 1080P display, slightly smaller than 7-inch tablets marketed by companies such as Apple and Samsung, the phablet more closely resembles a tablet than smartphone. Apparently aware of the appeal inherent in using the device without paying monthly wireless network fees, Sony announced Wednesday it will launch a Wi-Fi-only version of the Xperia Z Ultra.

If there was any doubt as to Sony's intention, the company referred to the new model as a "tablet" in the press release announcing its availability. … Read more

Patent licensing terms still murky for next-gen video

A patent licensing group has revealed many names of the corporate muscle behind an important next-generation video compression technology -- but the license itself remains elusive even as the technology arrives in the marketplace.

The technology, called HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) or H.265, is a codec used to encode and decode video for more economical storage and transmission across networks. It's designed to make a transition to 4K Ultra HD video more feasible on today's network connections.

HEVC/H.265 is the sequel to today's dominant technology, AVC/H.264 -- and it's at … Read more

Akamai CEO on streaming 4K TV into your home (podcast)

Just about every TV maker at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was showing off 4K TVs. But to fully appreciate these Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs, you'll need content that's recorded in 4K.

As far as I know, a 4K standard for broadcast, cable, and satellite isn't on the immediate horizon, nor is a standardized way to deliver the content via disc. So, the solution lies in Internet delivery. But that too raises a challenge because the amount of bandwidth required for 4K is considerably more than today's HD video.

Akamai, which has … Read more

Review: Ultra 3D car parking 2 has enough cars and levels to please parking fans

Ultra 3D car parking 2 is a solid, challenging parking simulator with a decent collection of cars. Though the app isn't loaded with features, levels, or cars, it has just enough to keep you happy. Fans of parking simulators would do well to add this game to their collection.

This game is a relatively standard parking game: You choose your car and then have to wedge it into a tight parking space as quickly as you can. Instead of giving you a steering wheel to control your car, you get an onscreen joystick that makes controlling the vehicle a … Read more

Sony to debut Xperia T2 Ultra phablet in UK

Come with me if you want to live. The Sony Xperia T2 Ultra is a new Android phablet coming to the UK, along with the new mid-range Xperia E1 also announced today.

The E1 is a mid-range 4-inch Android smartphone with a 233ppi screen, running a 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor. It boasts 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage for movies, music, apps, and snaps. It's not 4G, but it does connect to the Web via HSPA+.

Meanwhile, the T2 Ultra boasts a 6-inch, 720P screen with a quad-core 1.4 GHz Snapdragon processor and 1GB of … Read more

What you must see at CES 2014

It's the final stretch of CES! It can be overwhelming to digest all the news coming out of the show in Las Vegas, but fear not -- this episode highlights some of CNET's must-see products:

- Don't bother mounting the Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector on the ceiling.

- Say goodbye to tangled charging cords with Intel's wireless charging bowl.

- Kick up your feet on the road when the Audi A7 takes the wheel for you.

- Hisense and TCL keep smart TV simple with new Roku TVs.

- Play air hockey on this … Read more

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector turns your wall into a TV screen

LAS VEGAS -- Forget giant flat-screens -- why not just turn your wall into the TV?

That's always been the promise of home theater projectors, which offer screen sizes far larger than any consumer-priced LED and plasma TVs. But projectors always come with a caveat: they need to be mounted, often on the ceiling in the rear of the room. That presents plenty of wiring challenges, ranging from electrical to audio-video connectivity -- not to mention the aesthetic challenges involved, even if you're ready to crack some drywall.

Those problems disappear with Sony's 4K Ultra Short Throw … Read more