Vipre 2013 stays laser-focused on speed

Vipre has quietly made a name for itself as an effective security suite that can hold its own against the big boys. The latest update addresses issues with speed while simplifying some basic tasks, but its one killer extra may not be enough.

Available exclusively today from, Vipre Internet Security 2013 (download) and Vipre Antivirus 2013 (download) offer a solid set of Windows security tools. The most notable is a new feature only available in the premium Internet Security called Easy Update.

Easy Update streamlines the update process for your other programs. You won't have to accept … Read more

Firefox 12 ushers in automatic updates

Mozilla has updated Firefox to version 12 today, completing a cycle of changes to how the program updates and bringing some serious elbow-grease to its developer tools.

You still have to you approve the User Account Control (UAC) the first time you install Firefox, but for all subsequent versions, it will automatically update without your approval. This is the same update procedure that Google Chrome has been using on Windows for more than a year with few if any known negative consequences.

You can download Firefox 12 for Windows | Mac | Linux.

Besides cutting down on the your interaction with the … Read more

Firefox 11 to get add-on sync

Following the update to Firefox stable earlier this week, Mozilla released yesterday updates to its Aurora and Beta versions that introduce some pretty hefty changes for Firefox on PCs.

Firefox 11 beta (download for Windows | Mac | Linux) presages some hefty changes for the browser. The biggest one, which wasn't present in the Firefox 11 Aurora release, is add-on sync. You'll now be able to mirror the same add-on installations and settings across multiple desktops. Though Google Chrome has been able to sync add-ons for some time, its implementation has been notably uneven, so it'll be interesting to … Read more

Windows 7 default user account control worries experts

Corporate IT departments should be pleased with new security measures in Windows 7, but consumers are still at risk of getting hit by malware despite changes in the User Account Control (UAC) feature designed to help people be smarter when using applications, security experts say.

Probably the most talked about security change in Windows 7, scheduled for public release on Thursday, are modifications to the UAC, which was introduced in Vista. The UAC was designed to prevent unauthorized execution of code by displaying a pop-up warning every time a change was being made to the system, whether by the operating … Read more

Windows 7 security enhancements

Windows 7 makes remote connectivity to corporate networks seamless, protects data on thumb drives, and offers fewer user account control prompts to bug users compared to Vista, Microsoft said on Monday.

The software giant began an education blitz about the security features of the newest version of its operating system at the start of the RSA 2009 security conference.

Windows 7, which was released in public beta in January, will have 29 percent fewer user account control (UAC) prompts than Windows Vista has, and fewer prompts in general, according to Paul Cooke, director of Windows Client Enterprise Security.

"We'… Read more

No help in sight for novices

Thanks to this free utility's well-designed user interface, managing our Vista settings was as simple as checking and unchecking our selections.

VistaTweaker uses tabs to organize all of Vista's settings. They are broken down into System, Windows UI, Internet Explorer, Software, Network, Performance, and Miscellaneous. The contents of each tab are broken down further into subcategories. Despite all of the settings options, we were never overwhelmed. From the interface, there are also options for checking or unchecking all of the options in one fell swoop. During our tests, we randomly made selections, from disabling notifications for new programs … Read more

Attention Vista users

Simple and straightforward is how we like it, and this free utility delivers. It gives Vista users the ability to easily manage their UAC.

WinCleaner UAC Switch's interface consists of two UAC options, but really, you have three options: to run the UAC in normal mode, to run it in quiet mode, and, finally, to turn off the UAC altogether. No matter your selection, you have to restart your computer for it to take effect. After switching our UAC to quiet mode, we noticed a big difference in the number of administrator permission requests when we tried uninstalling and … Read more

Buzz Out Loud 702: Design to annoy

Yes, Microsoft has come clean and admitted that it designs User Account Control, those little pop-ups that happen when you install software for instance, which were in fact designed to annoy you. They hoped it would make software better. We don't think it worked. Also, Rafe gets Blockblustery, and we take on Virgin Media's load of bollocks. Listen now: Download today's podcast EPISODE 702

Psystar’s OpenMac Apple clone is close to a cease and desist order psystars-openmac-clone-is-close-to-a-cease-and-desist-order/ openmac-promises-399-headless-mac-but-not-from-apple/

Vista’s UAC security … Read more

Stainless steel keyboard has mettle

Coming soon to a desktop near you...Full Metal Keyboard. No, it's not a Stanley Kubrick sequel. It's a peripheral from UAC Japan that ships in 2007.

The keys, as well as the trackball surface, are made of stainless steel, while the body is made of aluminium, according to, which alerted us to the gadget. Dustproof and waterproof, the keyboard can be used in harsh environments--or, of course, to complement the decor of chic industrial-style lofts.