Three AIR-based Twitter apps: Spaz, Snitter, and Tweetr

I've been experimenting with Twittercasting live Web news lately (see Facebook press conference and Web 2.0 Summit reports). But I found doing so from itself a little tedious. So I went searching for desktop Twitter applications. Previously I've used Twitteroo, which is solid if light on features. But there are new Twitter apps being written for Adobe's AIR platform. Here are three that I've tried and like.

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Pownce invites and the rise of Adobe AIR

Adobe released the public beta of its Adobe AIR runtime environment (previously codenamed Apollo) about a month ago. The software is designed to allow the development of rich Internet applications that work on any operating system. I'm sure that there are technical differences, but it seems a lot like an amped-up widget engine to me.

Needless to say, AIR apps aren't nearly as ubiquitous as Adobe Flash apps (yet), but there have been a few interesting recent developments. The most-polished AIR application so far is Adobe Digital Editions, software for reading, downloading, and managing e-books. To learn more about it, check Seth Rosenblatt's First Look video for Adobe Digital Editions.

While Adobe Digital Editions might be the most powerful AIR app so far, the one with the most buzz is definitely the Pownce desktop client, a tool for sending content to your Pownce buddies and the Pownce Web site. (Pownce is currently in private alpha; jump down to the bottom of this post for info about how to request an invitation.)… Read more