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Share your updates and stories with TweetDeck

Simplifying access and interaction on the most popular social networks, this app makes the life of any avid social networker a lot easier. If you have an account on multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Buzz, and want to have an easy access to recent updates on all, TweetDeck is the app you are looking for.

Setting up TweetDeck account is easy. Simply download the application and input all your usernames and passwords. The app then synchronizes all your accounts and allows you to put various widgets on your home screen. The widgets have specific functions such … Read more

Be up-to-date

TweetDeck for Mac now ships with a brand-new, well-designed user interface and a Twitter-for-Mac-like look, and it has multiple additional features that power users will love. By switching to HTML5, the developers have eliminated the need to continuously update Adobe Air, and now users can enjoy a neat app for reading, tweeting, and searching for specific topics of interest.

We liked how simple to use TweetDeck is. As soon as you set up your Twitter (or Facebook) account, you are off. While Twitter for Mac does a very good job for everyday use, it can't compete with this app'… Read more

TweetDeck interrupted, amid reports of security access breach

This much we do know: TweetDeck got taken offline by its parent Twitter today. Hardly earthshaking news by itself. But was there also a security breach that granted unauthorized access to other people's accounts?

TweetDeck is currently down while we look into an issue. Apologies for the inconvenience.

— TweetDeck (@TweetDeck) March 30, 2012 TechCrunch pointed to an Australian user named Geoff Evason who claimed he was able to get into hundreds of Twitter and Facebook accounts through the Mac client app for TweetDeck. The guy also put up a screenshot purportedly of some of the accounts he allegedly got … Read more

TweetDeck links in retweets, Twitter lists, maps

Seesmic's Twitter reader app for Mac and Windows is looking at some serious renewed competition from TweetDeck.

The newly updated TweetDeck 0.32 (and AIR app for Windows and Mac,) packs in a host of changes that should make the desktop app more attractive to power tweeters. Chief among these is new behavior for retweeting, when users share a contact's tweet with their own list of followers in just a click. TweetDeck supports two formats, the "new style" that spits out an identical post and displays both your photo and that of the original tweeter, and … Read more

All that and then some

The dark gray TweetDeck beta is one of the more attractive Twitter desktop apps out there. With it, you're able to engage with Twitter tweets much as you can on, and then some. TweetDeck beta, for one, also lets you follow friends' Facebook and MySpace status updates. It shares some similarities with Seesmic Desktop in its default tri-column view, which you can also shrink down to a single column. The requisite filtering buttons and other management tools help keep your in-box tidy. Like other Twitter apps, TweetDeck beta shortens links and manages pictures. You can block and … Read more

Sharp, inside and out

The black-tinted, sharp-looking Tweetdeck boldly challenges more established Twitter apps for iPhone with its smart design and a novel column view, which lets you quickly swipe through the friends, direct reply, and @ mentions screens. You can also add columns, like a Twitter Search term, Twitter trends, or a user group. A handy pop-up informs you of the number of unread messages you have. Behind the scenes, Tweetdeck manages multiple accounts, lets you shorten links via, supports geo-tagging and photo uploading, and further hooks into photo services. TwitPic and yfrog. Shortcuts buttons help you quickly reply, send a direct … Read more

TweetDeck gets updates, MySpace support

The new 0.30 version of TweetDeck, due out Wednesday, supports MySpace. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's my demographic. But who the heck cares about MySpace?

The MySpace addition to TweetDeck, though, shows how much CEO Iain Dodsworth wants TweetDeck to become, in his words, "a browser for the real-time Web."

I like TweetDeck a lot. I use it and Seesmic Desktop in equal proportions. But I'm not sure I want my Twitter client to get all fancy and over-ambitious. Twitter is hard enough to manage even with a good, clean client. If TweetDeck adds … Read more