Cold Turkey review

Cold Turkey lets you block out certain Web sites that you go to for distraction for a set amount of time, making it easier to stay focused while you're working. You can select options from the list that comes with the app, or you can add your own, manually.


Effective blocking: Once you've chosen which sites to block and turned on Cold Turkey, you are no longer able to visit those sites. If you try, you'll just get a message that the Web page could not be accessed, just like the one you'd get if … Read more

Turkish citizens fight back against Twitter ban

#twitter blocked in #turkey tonight. folks are painting #google dns numbers onto the posters of the governing party. pic.twitter.com/9vQ7NTgotO

— Engin Onder (@enginonder) March 21, 2014

The people of Turkey are still finding their way into the Twittersphere despite a government ban of the site.

On Thursday, Turkish courts took Twitter offline for the country's 76 million citizens following actions by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. An unabashed critic of social networks, Erdogan has threatened to "wipe out" the site in the wake of a political corruption scandal that has embarrassed the government through news, videos, … Read more

Twitter dark in Turkey after PM's threat to 'wipe out' the service

Twitter reportedly went offline in Turkey on Thursday, just hours after the country's prime minister threatened to eradicate the social network from the country in the wake of allegations of corruption spread across social networks.

"We will wipe out Twitter. I don't care what the international community says," premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday during an election rally in the western province of Bursa.

"They will see the Turkish republic's strength," he added, according to the AFP news agency.

Twitter said Thursday that it was looking into reports that its microblogging service had … Read more

Roast turkey in record time with the Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

Busy home cooks are always on the lookout for faster, easier ways of preparing great tasting meals. For $249.95, that's exactly what the Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven is offering. With the moisture-sealing, flavor-infusing power of a pressure cooker packed into a versatile countertop oven design, this is an appliance that makes some pretty bold performance claims -- including promises of cooking a full-size turkey in less than an hour.

Chef Puck's pressure oven is marketed with a certain degree of skepticism-inducing, "but-wait-there's-more" schtick. Not only will your meats cook faster, it claims, but they'… Read more

Turkey approves legislation to block Internet sites

Turkey is one step closer to enacting a law that would give the government the power to block any Internet site.

Late Wednesday Turkish lawmakers passed a bill that would let the presidency of regulatory agency Telecommunication and Communication (TIB) curtail access to an Internet site within four hours of receiving complaints alleging privacy violations, The Wall Street Journal said on Thursday. Such an action would not require a ruling from a court. Further, Turkish Internet companies would have to hold onto traffic information for as many as two years.

The next step falls to Turkish president Abdullah Gul, who … Read more

Tim Cook lands in Turkey, could he be planning an iPad deal?

Apple CEO Tim Cook's visit to Turkey this week has been in the works for a while now. It coincides with the opening of the company's first retail store in the country. However, during his visit, Cook also has plans to meet with Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Tuesday.

Word has it that Cook will be discussing an initiative that could bring millions of iPads to children in Turkey's schools, according to AppleInsider. The deal is said to be worth as much as $4 billion.

The iPads are a central component to Turkey's technology education initiative, … Read more

CNET's Tech Turkeys of 2013

Ah, 2013. The year Microsoft continued to be, well, Microsoft, everyone tried to get their mobile on, and Samsung tried to show the world that it's going to be king of wearable tech.

Yup, there were gaffes. There always are. We also saw the launch product for a now-failing platform (and failing company), and the company that wanted to the entire planet to phone Home. And who can forget our nation's Capitol: A stream of leaks that showed the world that, yes, Uncle Sam is watching every click you make, not to mention those of foreign dignitaries. And … Read more

Great iOS apps for planning Thanksgiving dinner

Though I've never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner myself, I've been through enough holidays with my family and friends to know there are a lot of moving parts with the preparation and cooking that all need to come together at once. With several steps involved in roasting the turkey, the need to make numerous sides (such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy), along with other Thanksgiving favorites, it's no wonder the cook can get a little stressed.

While my personal cooking experience will be of no help to you during the holidays, there are a number of great … Read more

Farberware Seasoning Sticks season from the inside out

There's a scene from a movie, the title of which escapes me (it might be Arnold Soboloff's character, Acupuncture Man, from Mel Brook's "Silent Movie"), in which the character emerges from an acupuncturist literally covered head to toe in needles and pins (certainly seems like 1976 humor.) Keep that image in mind. Now apply it to your Thanksgiving turkey. Except instead of humorous intent, imagine a whole lot of deliciousness.

The Farberware Seasoning Sticks have their own back story, but the real meat of the matter is what they can do. Designed to pierce roasts … Read more

March of the Turkey Fryer spins anew

Just as the seasons turn, so do our palates. Big, warming food becomes popular again, and appetites dream of what's to come. Always on the horizon, of course, is the big food day of the year. No, not Halloween -- contrary to popular belief, candy does not constitute a meal -- but rather that other food holiday: Thanksgiving. And while tradition dictates much of the menu, every once in a while, something new sneaks in. Or at least a new preparation.

The Waring Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryer ($279.95) has a sleeker design compared with last year's model.Read more