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'Tron: Legacy' pinball looks like a quarter quencher

In "Tron: Legacy," we were once again exposed to the madness of a virtual world created by an eccentric programmer. And now the grid has inspired a new game.

Get ready to load your fanny pack full of quarters. Stern Pinball and Disney recently unveiled a full featured "Tron: Legacy" pinball machine perhaps worthy enough for Flynn's Arcade. The playfield features light cycles, deadly discs, and other notable imagery from the film. The audio doesn't slouch either, as the original Daft Punk soundtrack and character sound clips emit during gameplay.

Well-known names in the pinball industry collaborated on the project: John Borg is the playfield architect, artist John Youssi designed the art, and David Thiel engineered the sound.

After pulling back on the plunger, players take on the role of Sam Flynn, who is attempting to fight off villians Clu and Rinsler. According to Stern Pinball, gameplay features are numerous, including the option to "ride the two ramps for Light Cycle battles on different levels of the Grid; defeat the motorized Recognizer target bank to expose Rinsler's spinning Identity Disc; or fire the ball from Rinsler's Disc to simulate a Disc War."

There's even a limited edition "Tron: Legacy" pinball machine (about 400 will be made) that Pinball News has described in greater detail. The LE model features EL wire lighting, chrome trim, enhanced playfield artwork, an extra playfield toy, and other enhancements.

I'm hoping I can play soon. Anything to get closer to Olivia Wilde (Quorra).… Read more

Hands-on with Second Screen: Bonus Blu-ray features on your iPad

While my iPad has become a second screen in many ways--as an e-reader, social-networking pane, video viewer, and more--a new series of apps from Disney is ready to take that into a whole new direction. Disney's Second Screen is a series of apps that take over your iPad and offer up a second screen of information during movie viewings, acting as a disembodied set of bonus features.

Second Screen is a feature that's currently offered on Disney's "Tron" and "Bambi" Blu-ray discs. Each movie has its own app in Apple's App Store. These apps are free, and hefty, too--the "Tron: Legacy" app clocked in at over 800MB, the "Bambi" app comes in at 498MB. However, you can't do anything with the app without activating a "Magic Code" found inside the Blu-ray disc's box. I made the mistake of downloading the app and leaving the Blu-ray box in the office, taking home the disc in a plastic sleeve. Unfortunately, the disc itself can't unlock the app, so I had to wait till the next day to Second Screen my home "Tron: Legacy"-viewing experience. Bottom line: don't lose that code.

The cleverest part of the whole Second Screen idea isn't its content: it's the app's ability to synchronize with the movie and play its related content alongside a time code of sorts that counts down in the upper part of the screen.… Read more

Welcome to the creepily awesome Tron home

In today's Hollywood, a movie doesn't have to actually be good to be a success. Box office flops and critics' punching bags can live on and prosper with the right marketing and merchandising strategy--or in the case of Disney's "Tron: Legacy," a super cool interior design project.

Disney is teaming with DuPont and a bunch of architects and designers to bring the world of the "Grid" to life, and this time without the use of expensive CGI effects.

Instead, they'll be using Corian--DuPont's trademark solid-surface material most commonly used in countertops--to create creepily sterile-looking furniture and all the other accoutrements you'd expect to find in the home of a Grid denizen... er, program.

Click through the gallery above to see digital renderings of the Tron pad, complete with a home entertainment center, a kitchen that's cooler than anything in stainless steel, and a hot tub you'll want to be sure to unplug for. A real-life version of the "Tron designs Corian" geek abode will exhibit at Milan Design Week from April 11-17, and we even hear Jacuzzi is involved in the project. Talk about a Sea of Simulation...… Read more

'Tron' light cycles come to life, and they're for sale

Show up at the "Tron: Legacy" movie premiere on one of these babies.

Parker Brothers Choppers, of Melbourne, Fla., have built 10 Tron Lightcycles. The $55,000 bike is built on a steel frame, with a fiberglass body and a V-twin Suzuki TLR1000 engine. According to Parker Brothers, it is street-legal.

Each bike weighs a reported 474 pounds and is about 100 inches long and 23 inches wide, with a seat 28.5 inches off the ground. And while the Parker Brothers' design is strikingly similar to the Disney movie light cycle, there are some visible differences, such … Read more

Third 'Tron Legacy' trailer hits, and is amazing

opinion Loyal Crave readers will know that we're losing our collective heads in anticipation of "Tron Legacy," the sequel to the imagination-grabbing original from 1982. We've been covering the toys, costumes, and even the music. Our own Josh Lowensohn even got to talk to The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, a few weeks ago. Why yes, I am jealous.

The first actual trailer, which we saw a year ago, blew us away. Then in the summer we got another. And here is the third, and it is even more awesome than the others. I cannot wait to see Jeff Bridges vs. Jeff Bridges in 3D. … Read more

'Tron: Legacy' treatments geek up the walls

My friend has tickets to a sneak preview of "Tron: Legacy" on IMAX 3D tonight. I have rarely been so jealous. There's not a single movie I've been this excited about since "Crank 2: High Voltage" hit last year. I'm just insane about "Tron."

And I guess I'm almost insane enough (but not quite) to love this 6x10-foot Tron-themed wall mural that goes on like wallpaper. It's not the kind of thing that would look good at my place (Sam Flynn wouldn't work next to Miss June), but … Read more

This is Daft Punk in 'Tron: Legacy'

"Tron: Legacy" hits theaters 10 weeks from this Friday, and in preparation, Disney is releasing a new piece of Tron-related content every week. This morning brings a desktop wallpaper-size image of French music duo Daft Punk, who did the entire score for the film. Just yesterday, that soundtrack release date was pushed back to December 7--up two weeks from the original late November date.

Along with the image above, Disney also released a 90-second snippet of the title track, "The Game Has Changed," part of which has already been heard in trailers for the film. You … Read more

Tron's long journey back into theaters

Two years ago, near the back of a crowded screening room at Comic-Con, someone managed to record the entire teaser trailer for "Tron: Legacy," which at the time was titled "TR2N." No cameras of any sort were allowed.

The video, which stretched nearly three minutes, featured a high-speed chase on updated versions of Tron's famous lightcycles. It was a visual-effects concept made by a small team of animators before the film went into full production. The goal of that clip--as CNET learned during a "Tron: Legacy" press day Saturday at special-effects house Digital … Read more

Special-effects gurus of 'Tron' keep it real (Q&A)

VENICE, Calif.--Just a few blocks from Venice Beach in Southern California is a rather nondescript warehouse--a few windows, a parking lot decorated with an old basketball hoop. If you drove by, you might mistake it for the Public Storage building on the next block over.

But inside is special effects shop Digital Domain, and the only stored relics you'll find are movie prop miniatures like a replica of the Titanic and a 3-foot-tall Apollo space capsule. The rest of the building is made up of meeting rooms, gadget-filled workstations, two screening theaters, and a server farm that's … Read more

Jeff Bridges on 'Tron,' 3D, and gadget addiction

VENICE, Calif.--Sitting across from me, Jeff Bridges leans back into his chair, looking almost through me as we begin to chat about reprising his role as fictional game developer (and geek icon) Kevin Flynn in "Tron: Legacy."

This past weekend, we're sitting here in an executive office inside Digital Domain, the special-effects studio that's in charge of the dazzling effects seen in the highly anticipated sequel that picks up 28 years after the events of the 1982 classic. The entire room is a light brown and bathed in soft incandescent light, making Bridges, in his … Read more