Opera overhaul: WebKit-based Android browser due Q2

BARCELONA, Spain--Opera Software has dropped the new engine into its browser and now has begun revving it up.

At the Mobile World Congress show here, the company began showing for the first time its new WebKit-based version of Opera for Android. That browser is the first product from a completely overhauled product line and technology strategy for the company based in Oslo, Norway.

Opera is changing the browser engine at the core of its software, dumping its own Presto for the open-source WebKit used in Chrome and Safari. It's a radical change in many ways: many engineers are changing … Read more

JavaScript expert: WebKit, get your bug-ridden house in order

It was a good day for the WebKit browser engine yesterday when Opera Software adopted it in place of its in-house Presto. But yesterday's developments also became an opportunity for a high-profile JavaScript programmer to lodge criticisms about WebKit.

"Each release of Chrome or Safari generates excitement about new bleeding-edge features; nobody seems to worry about the stuff that's already (still!) broken," complained Dave Methvin, president of the jQuery foundation and a member of the core programming team that builds the widely used Web programming tool, in a blog post.

"jQuery Core has more lines … Read more

Web world bemoans loss of Opera independence

It might have been a smart strategic move for Opera Software to move to the WebKit browser engine and scrap its own Presto, but some think it's a step backward for the development of the Web overall.

"A switch to Webkit might benefit Opera. It's just not going to benefit the open Web," Mozilla's Robert O'Callahan said today in comments on his blog about Opera's Presto change-o. "This will strengthen the WebKit mobile monoculture and make it even harder for us to promote Web standards over 'coding to Webkit.'"

Browser engines … Read more

Opera embraces WebKit in browser brain transplant

Opera Software, an independent voice in the browser market since the 1990s, will dramatically change its strategy this year by adopting the WebKit browser engine used by Safari and Chrome.

The Norwegian company announced the move today and said it will show off the first fruits of the work with a WebKit-based version of its Android browser at the Mobile World Congress show in less than two weeks. But the company will move to WebKit for its desktop browser, too.

A browser engine processes the Web page instructions written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS then renders the results on screens. … Read more

New $150K supercar runs on biofuel, gets 70 mpg

Sometimes, if you want a car that delivers major savings on gas, it's going to cost you. Case in point is the upcoming Trident Iceni, a $150,000 convertible sportster that pulls down 70 miles on the road per gallon of green biodiesel burned. In addition to the big-time fuel savings and instant eco-credibility, the Iceni also comes with another bonus--it's a badass supercar.

The Iceni has been on again and off again for a while now, but it appears to really be on this time, with a launch planned for the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in the U.K. on July 15. At the heart of the green monster is a 6.6 liter, twin-turbo diesel V8 running biofuel, and it's reported the Iceni will run to 230 mph and accelerate from zero to 60 in less than four seconds. And those fuel savings don't just come at low speeds--the Iceni is said to deliver 70 miles per gallon at a constant 70 mph.

The key to the Iceni's combination of power and efficiency apparently has to do with being lightweight and carrying an innovative 8-speed transmission, which... well, why don't I just let this guy tell you more:

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Trident Aegis 'encapsulates' iPod Touch 4G

We don't write up a whole lot of iPod Touch 4G cases, but Trident's Aegis case showed up in our offices and we thought it was worth calling out.

It's a double-layer case, with a soft silicone interior and hard polycarbonate shell on the outside that's got a nice rubberized finish. The silicone interior is thicker on the corners, which provides a little extra protection should you drop your Touch.

The Aegis comes in six colors and ships with a "scratch and smudge-resistant screen protector" as well as an audio extender in case your … Read more

Own the world's smallest car, the Peel

There's every likelihood I won't be able to fold myself into what could be the world's most Lilliputian motorcar. The toy-car-like Peel P-50 could easily give Japan's 7-foot-tall microcar, the Daihatsu Copen, and the Smart car a run for their money.

Just know that this selfish little three-wheeler can seat only "one adult and a shopping bag," and you'll have to get in on the left side where the door is. To keep the car compact, there's just a single windshield wiper and one headlight.

Stats-wise, this road-legal model measures a tiny … Read more

"The people have tweeted": the Trident Layers ad

A full-page ad in USA Today and in the New York Times marks the next chapter of the never-ending “the conversation is your brand” saga. Trident, the chewing gum maker, bought the placements, and instead of using them to promote its latest product (Trident Layers) with the usual mix of emotionally resonant narrative, sharp copy, and persuasive imagery, it chose to feature select tweets about the product under the tagline “The people have Tweeted."

Trident says that the ten tweets featured were discovered by the Trident team using Twitter Search, and that they used Twitter to contact each party … Read more