Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android review

Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android delivers complete protection against malware and device or data theft or loss, including features such as cloud storage backups and privacy scanner for Facebook, which other security apps don't have. However, since the free version lacks many essential features, if you really want to protect your device with this app you have to buy a license.


Thorough protection: Apart from its effective virus scanner, which in our tests handled over 3,000 files in about a minute and a half, Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android offers accessible safe surfing and parental … Read more

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 Review

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security is the second-highest antivirus offering from Trend Micro. In addition to a robust malware scanner, Titanium Maximum Security offers a built-in password manager, an in-app Web browser, and a packaged set of tools for protecting and managing your Android device. This review focuses on desktop performance.


Design: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security shares the same interface as its lesser brothers, the Antivirus and Internet Security editions. The interface has a clean, organized menu layout. Tabs have nice mouseover effects, and the overall app has a modern feel and original visual direction. Though not exactly … Read more

Latest flu-related tech is largely about the greater good, not you

We're in the height of the flu season and, as happens every year, lots of people are going to hospitals and some are not coming out alive. Some of the cases are high profile and news of them spreads like the flu itself -- the 23-year-old Bay Area man who chronicled his illness on Facebook before succumbing; the 29-year-old pregnant woman in Arkansas who lost her baby and is fighting for her life; the 10-month-old in Kentucky who went to sleep barely symptomatic and never woke up.

The stories underscore the reality that the flu can be lethal and … Read more

Facebook takes a page from Twitter with Trending

Facebook and Twitter ( among a few others) have been called out in the past for mimicking one another's features and interface aesthetics from time to time.

This time it is likely Facebook that is going to be subject to criticism for following this trend with the addition of Trending.

Announced on Thursday morning, Trending is exactly what any avid social-networking user might expect it to be: an additional module putting the spotlight on the very most popular topics across the network at a given moment.

Facebook users might have noticed keywords, such as celebrity names or live television events, … Read more

2014 tech predictions

There's something sinister and reckless about these prediction pieces we produce every year.

At best, we (enlightened) tech experts are guilty of spoiling the surprise of what's in store for you this year. At worst, our predictions are completely wrong. For example, I think we were all certain that the rumored all-in-one Apple HDTV would debut in 2013. So to those of you who delayed your 2013 TV purchase based on that overly optimistic prediction, you have my sincere apology.

So this year I'm playing it safe, even at the risk of being boring and predictable (at … Read more

YouTube reveals 2013's top 10 viral videos, times have changed

Harnessing the watching power of its millions of viewers, YouTube released its top 10 trending videos of 2013 on Wednesday.

Yes, the Miley Cyrus spoof video is in there. Yes, Jean Claude Van Damme's truck split is on it. Yes, a Harlem Shake video made the list. But, what's not on the list? Cat videos, homemade videos, and wacky amateur recordings are, for the most part, missing. This year's list is full of professional videos.

Gone are the days when an unknown dad could upload a video of his son acting hilarious post-dental surgery and develop a … Read more

Twitter to SEC: Promoted Trends don't really make us money

Twitter makes less than 10 percent of its revenue from the advertising product known as Promoted Trends, the company wrote in a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission ahead of its public offering.

Promoted Trends sit atop the list of Twitter's trending topics and are offered to advertisers on a geographic basis. The social network for 140-character exchanges charges a flat fee to run the sponsored trends for an entire day.

In the lead-up to the IPO, the SEC, curious about the revenue earned from the fixed-fee product, instructed Twitter to disclose more about it if it was … Read more

#TwitterIPO fails to reach trending status on Twitter

Well, this is meta. The news of Twitter announcing its IPO share price has failed to garner enough attention to be listed among the social network's trending topics.

Twitter set the price for its IPO at $26 per share on Wednesday and is expected to begin trading under the ticker symbol TWTR on the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow.

But what do tweeters have to say about it?

Hundreds of tweets are being thrown around mentioning the share price and the fact that Twitter will soon be a public company. And several Twitter IPO related hashtags can be seen, … Read more

Failed tech fads

I can't help thinking that we are in the middle of a lot of overinflated, much-hyped tech fads right now. Smart watches, Google Glass, 4k TVs, and all manner of electronic novelties are poised to fill the silence as the party winds down with the maturing technologies of tablets and smartphones.

But as I can't say for certain which of these current trends will flop and which ones will stick around, I figured I'd take a look back at some of the biggest tech fads in recent history. These were the huge trends that seemed to point … Read more

Bing News brings trending stories from Facebook, Twitter

Microsoft overhauled its Bing News search page on Thursday to highlight more trending stories -- both from around the Web and on social media.

"Today's news is propelled by 'likes' and 'tweets' and headlines rise and fall in less time than it takes to eat lunch," Bing wrote in a blog post. "That's why we've refreshed Bing News to make it easier for you to stay on top of the stuff you care about."

Those tweets and Facebook posts that get retweeted and liked gazillions of times will now make it to Bing … Read more