Tree House GO Super Theme review

With its adorable graphics, Tree House GO Super Theme stands out as one of the cutest and most appealing themes available for the GO LauncherEx. Apart from the comfy, inviting tree house background, you'll love the exquisite icons and the rustic mood this theme conjures. To enjoy an animated mouse and owl and other special effects, however, you have to buy the premium version.

Once you install Tree House GO Super Theme and enable it by clicking its icon -- you need to already have GO LauncherEx on your device -- you're invited to a comfortable tree house … Read more

Review: Tree for Mac creates outlines and mind maps in many different configurations

Tree for Mac lets you map out your ideas and thoughts in a free-flowing yet accessible way. You can easily move keywords and concepts around, relate them to each other in various ways, and build anything from a basic outline to a completely organic thought tree. There are some projects that lists just don't work for, and Tree for Mac is designed to help you deal with just that type of situation.

As soon as you install Tree for Mac, you're ready to get started outlining and planning. Just start typing and move pieces around as you see … Read more

Control an office Christmas tree with your browser

Incredible Machines, a design agency known for playing with art and technology, has a different kind of holiday card this year. It has invited the Web browser-wielding public to hack the office Christmas tree.

The tree is stocked with a Visualight Wi-Fi-enabled lighting platform of the agency's own creation. The site runs a live video feed of the tree. Beneath it are controls that let you choose the LED color and command the tree to blink on one of three speeds: slow, medium, and insane-speed. I made that last one up -- it's actually called "fast."… Read more

Only a true techie has a Christmas tree like this

Techies build things.

That's what they always say at least. Even if the truth is that sometimes what they build is their own egos up to Eiffel Tower proportions.

Zach Burhop, though, is a little different. It struck him one day that Christmas tree ornaments are all the same. Wasn't it time for a little disruption?

So here is your Arduino-powered Christmas tree with 3D printed ornaments.

In an interview on the Solidoodle Web site, Burhop explained that Christmas Day is special.

"My birthday is Christmas Day," he said.

So the aerospace engineer and industrial designer … Read more

Light your tree with your phone

I will admit right at the top here that the following how-to is more fun than practical. You should try it anyway.

There's never been a high-tech distraction this inexplicably amusing to me since the invention of kittens and laser pointers (they really should come bundled).

This year, instead of plugging your holiday lights into your old, reliable socket timer, why not drop $80 on an Internet-connected power strip that you can control with your phone? That's what I did, and the novelty has yet to wear off. In fact, I'm going to take a break right … Read more

Homeless man learns to code, launches app

Back in August, programmer Patrick McConlogue offered Leo Grand a choice: $100, or 16 coding lessons. Grand -- homeless since 2011 after losing his job at insurance provider MetLife and being priced out of his home when a high-rise apartment block was built nearby -- didn't have to think for long. Coding lessons it was.

After furnishing Grand with a refurbished Chromebook and three books on coding, McConlogue met with him every weekday morning for an hour-long lesson. Now, Grand has released his very first app: Trees for Cars, available for iOS and Android. … Read more

Uber kicks off the holidays with Christmas tree deliveries

Uber passengers may be getting a faint whiff of pine trees in their next ride. That's because the car service is kicking off a promotion to deliver Christmas trees to customers' doorsteps.

To promote its service, Uber has teamed up with The Home Depot to deliver on-demand Christmas trees in 10 US cities for one-day only. On Thursday, people will be able to open their Uber smartphone app, click on "UberTree," and have a freshly cut Christmas tree and stand at their home or office within minutes.

"Instead of spending your weekend wrestling with a tree … Read more

Review: WizTree helps locate and remove the largest files and folders on your PC

WizTree gives you more control over how you see your files, in addition to letting you learn more about them from one look. It's a much more powerful way to look at your files than Window's traditional file viewer. It's a great download if you're trying to clean up your hard drive from large files or just want a new way to look at your file menu.

This program is a hierarchical file viewer, so you can view your files in any folder or drive from largest to smallest. You can organize your files in more … Read more

Review: Discover and store your family history with MacFamilyTree for Mac

MacFamilyTree for Mac helps you research and record your family history information and turn it into charts, reports, or an amazing 3D Virtual Tree. Its visually appealing interface and Web search integration differentiates it from other similar apps, making it a good choice for any genealogy enthusiast. The standard GEDCOM format is supported for both import and export of data.

MacFamilyTree's sleek, streamlined interface will help you get started in no time, and if you ever need assistance, the comprehensive Help file will provide it. You begin by creating a new family tree and adding relatives and their photos … Read more

Review: Create family and ancestor trees with My Family Tree

My Family Tree's attractive user interface and drag-and-drop capability make it easy to create and update your personal family tree. You can attach photos, videos, sound clips, and more to individual records, including your own narratives. It has a full range of genealogical tools, such as relationship calculators, timelines, statistics, and even genetic data, and can also import GEDCOM data. The latest release, v3.0.5, adds support for KMZ files in reports and generally-improved performance. My Family Tree is freeware with separate downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP to 8. We tried the 64-bit version … Read more