A watch fit for Bond--or an Aston Martin owner

Do you own an Aston Martin DB9? Disheartened by the ignominy of opening the door with a wireless fob? Can't be bothered to reach into your pocket to get the keys? No, we didn't think so. But if you ever win the lottery and find yourself burdened with such hardships, the AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder watch is for you.

This gorgeous timepiece does several things. First, it makes even the skinniest, limpest of wrists more attractive. Second, it tells the time, and third, when you press the sapphire buttons on the left and right side, it'll open or … Read more

Widgets are dead, long live widgets

Widgets, portable pieces of Web code, have become synonymous with interactive Web page components, often Flash-based games and ads can stick out like a sore thumb. Functions are great, but they need to be seamless.

Instead of just offering a page function, the widget technology is turning out native applications that blend seamlessly with newsfeeds and spread virally through friend lists. Accordingly, the w-word had to go and this morning iWidgets became Transpond. Transpond, a word that actually doesn't mean anything, calls to mind words like "translate" and "respond," more positive connotations than the has-been … Read more